3 Generations (Review)

Director; Gaby Dellal
1h 32 minutes

A story about a mother dealing with the transition of her child from girl to boy. Ray (born as Ramona) has from the age of four felt trapped in the wrong body, being born a female but from an early age known that it wasn’t meant for her. As she grows older, her personality develops and so does her hormones and everything between heaven and hell of having to deal with the fact that she’s unhappy with being female. Here you get to follow her slow transition and her mother accepting her while tracking down Ray’s father to get his signature, a legal consent that Ray needs to make her/his final and big transition, leaving the girl body behind her and starting a new chapter as a boy and becoming a he.

It’s taking a taboo subject into the light,today, now more than ever trans kids and adults are coming out and living an authentic life. Probably one of our biggest and known transitions was Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn. I bow to every single one of those souls for being themselves, for being real and living their lives happily, but most importantly for their bravery. It’s inspiring, powerful, and beautiful.

This film also strongly proves that a family can overcome anything, as long as you stay together nothing can tear it down if there’s love and loyalty. If it’s built on solid ground, no storm will ever cause damage to a home.

Fantasic cast, and incrdible performances by all three, especially legend Susan Sarandon. 5/5