Glass (Review)

Director; M. Night Shyamalan
2h 9 minutes
From January 2019

He introduced Unbreakable, left us in awe with Split and ended with Glass. From the year 2000 has M. Night Shyamalan given us three psychological thrillers that makes you think and use your brain to the very core. It’s not your typical thriller/Sci-fi, it is a script that with its depth, intrigued and heavy dialogue, and supreme acting, will leave you gasping for air, moments after the credits, leaving you stunned with question marks because you don’t feel like you’ve had enough.

Glass is the third film in the trilogy, Unbreakable that came out in 2000, Split from 2016, and now Glass. There is a red thread, so you must obviously watch all 3 to comprehend the complexity of the story and plot. James Mcavoy plays, well, he’s split. A man diagnosed with 24 personalities, one more diffuse than the other, a multiplex persona who switches from one personality/character to another in a matter of minutes, seconds even. His story is brought up in the 2016 release, and we get to meet just a few of the names, here we get introduced to a few others while bringing back Mr. Glass and David Dunn from Unbreakable.

I loved Split, I found it intriguing, dark, fascinating, and brilliant. Glass, however, was duller to my taste. The slow pace had me snoozing off every now and then that I quickly lost interest. It’s a good movie, it just isn’t great nor as near as phenomenal as Split.
And though I thought I would get some answers, I was left with more questions instead.

David Dunn (Willis), uses his supernatural powers to track down Kevin (McAvoy), the man from Split. Once he thinks he finally has him, Dr. Ellie Staple (Paulson) takes them both and locks them in, trying to solve the case once and for all, wondering what causes these men to believe they are supernatural.

I wouldn’t say that if you enjoyed the first two you’ll automatically enjoy this one, at least that wasn’t my case, but it’s worth a watch. 6/10

Johnny English Strikes Again (Bluray Review)

Director; David Kerr
1h 29 minutes
Out on Bluray
Copy provided by Sony Home

Not too shabby, not being such a big fan of the first one I didn’t quite know what to expect of the sequel, well, to be completely honest, I didn’t have any expectations at all.
I kept stalling and dragging out the time to sit down and watch it, I just wasn’t in the mood for it, but yesterday decided to once and for all to sit down and watch it, just so I could post this reviews for you guys,sooo,you’re welcome.

It took me by surprise on how much I actually enjoyed it, I don’t recall laughing this much during the first one, hence the uncertainty to watch this one.
Atkinson is a legend, the man oozes humor and is the embodiment of pure comedy. All you have to do is to look at him and you will laugh, your face will light up, and I mean that in the sweetest and most genuine possible way ever.
Truly one of a kind, a fine actor who should always stick to this genre because he does it so effortlessly and perfect, nailing it every time.

Johnny English Strikes Again, the title itself says it all. He is back and equally raw and clumsy. After a massive cyber attack in Britain, English must come back after his retirement and track down the hacker.
Bough and Johnny himself partners up and hop on an adventurous ride filled with old school gadgets, cool cars, and loads of shenanigans. A joyful ride for the entire family. 6.5/10

The comedy genius Rowan Atkinson
The cars
The gadgets
Location and design
+ much more

Halloween (Bluray Review)

Director; David Gordon Green
1h 46 minutes
Out on bluray.
Copy provided by SONY HOME.

A disgrace to all horror movies out there, a snoozing fest at its best, counting the minutes for this dull, dragged out, and altogether boring movie to come to an end.
It has been quite some time since I truly was this bored during a film, I didn’t know what to do with myself, completely losing it and about to climb the walls.

It has been been four decades since the horrific Halloween night, and now, years later, Laurie finally confronts her long-time enemy, Michael Myers.

Not something I’d ever recommend, I just waited for the credits to start rolling.
Don’t get me wrong, Jamie-Lee Curtis is legendary, as always she’s brilliant in front of the camera, pure finesse and has mastered fine acting, however all that gets shadowed by the bad plot and writing. The script lacked thrill and suspense, two important factors in horrors. 3/10

Back in Haddonfield: Making Halloween
The Original Scream Queen
The Legacy of Halloween
Journey of the Mask
+ more

The Act (Review)

Creators; Nick Antosca & Michelle Dean
Season 1

A must see. A tv show based on a true story, a story so twisted, monstrous, and ill that you won’t be able to let it go once its finished, you are going to crave for more, every bit and piece of one of the most horrendous stories in criminal history. It almost becomes an obsession, because you cannot figure out how someone can go to such length to control someone, when loving someone so strongly, reaching unhealthy levels.

The Act is based on the nightmare story about Gypsy Blanchard and her overprotective mother, Dee Dee Blanchard. Following the story for quite some time now, by both documentaries and news articles it is said that Gypsy is guilty of second-degree murder and her boyfriend of first-degree murder because of the killing of her mother, Dee Dee. Killing someone is always wrong, you aren’t the one to decide over someone else life, but watching and following this, I can’t help but stand by Gypsy’s side, completely understanding her and what drove her to such extreme.
Dee Dee had her daughter believe that she needed a feeding-tube, had her teeth removed, that she had Leukemia, MS, an allergy toward sugar, and that she had the mentality of a 7-year-old. Controlling every aspect and angle of Gypsy’s life, watching her every move and counting every breath, she kept her sick in order that Gypsy would always need her and never leave.

The show is brilliantly made, thrilling to watch, and both Patricia Arquette and Joey King are PHENOMENAL. I strongly recommend everyone to watch it and get hooked on the heart-wrenching and soul-shattering story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard. 10/10

Second Act (review)

Director; Peter Segal
1h 43 minutes
From; January 4th

Peter Segal gives us a sweet, charming, and a quite lovely film, nothing more, and nothing less.
I wouldn’t call it ”comedy” per-say, I don’t recall laughing once nor even so much as cracking half a smile, yet, it was heartwarming.
A semi-predictable script with a fantastic cast.

I cannot help but become completely smitten by Jennifer Lopez whenever I see her, she is most certainly a girl crush of mine. I simply adore her, she has an essence of charm and beauty that radiates through the screen that is quite impossible to ignore. However, I feel like she isn’t reaching her full potential with scripts and movies like this one. She can do so much more, yet here we are.

Maya, a 40-something woman without any fancy educations decides to reinvent her life and wants to show what street-smarts can do.
After 15-years at the same place as a store worker, she gets a call from a big brand wanting to take her in as a consult, little does she know that the reason behind that position is because of a decision she made when she was 16 and is now coming face to face with a special someone she never thought she would ever see again.

It’s a cute movie, definitely worth your time. 5/10

First Man (Bluray review)

Director; Damien Chazelle
2h 21 minutes
Out on Bluray.
Copy provided by SONY HOME

Watching paint dry would have been a much more entertaining Saturday night than watching this long depressing dull drag of a movie.
A film that didn’t even capture my attention nor slightly kept me interested for one bit. Not a single moment went by without me praying for its end.

I haven’t been this bored during a movie in a long time, and hope not to go through it again anytime soon. First Man is an historic event yet I didn’t experience anything remotely near something as legendary as I would’ve hoped from such story, it quickly becomes dull and dry and nothing I’d ever watch twice nor personally recommend. Making a motion picture that is over 2 hours long is one thing but making it THAT boring is just cruel.

A look at Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon.

A sleeping pill at its finest. A film that you will do just fine not watching. 2/10

Deleted scenes.
Shooting at NASA.
Astronaut Training.
Recreating the Moon Landing.
+ more.

Instant Family (press screening review)

Director; Sean Anders
1h 58 minutes
Swedish premiere; February 27th

A delightful, heartwarming, and soul-touching film based on a true story.
A well-written script with its sharp, entertaining, and reasonable dialogue to phenomenal acting, truly a movie worth your time.

I was pleasantly surprised at this unexpectedly great family movie for everyone to enjoy, it grabs a sweet and gentle hold of you and doesn’t let go until the very end, it was an emotional roller coaster and I was ready to hop on a second time around once the credits started rolling because I had a blast, like one I haven’t had in a long time.
I laughed, I smiled, and I shed a tear and loved every second of it.

Based on directors Sean Anders life, a couple decides to open their home and hearts to become foster parents. And what first seems like the perfect set of siblings turns slowly into a living nightmare for Pete and Ellie when nothing goes as hoped.

It’s the perfect feel-good movie, a story that will have you smiling from ear-to-ear, and have a great time and be in the best mood when leaving the theater. Strongly recommended. 8/10