-0b4UhNyBeauty Madeleine Sausan Karam Martinez. 25. Argentinean/Persian bouncing between Stockholm & the rest of the world. ♥ Books. Writing. Candles. Dreamer. Tea. Zen Living.
Jane Eyre. Traveling/Exploring. Marilyn Manson. Shoes. Interior Design. Dante Alighieri. Art. Spring. Poetry. Incurable Romantic. Justin Timberlake. Disney. Chips. White peonies. Feng Shui. Diamonds. Fruitlover. Old Soul. Roses. Winter. Film Critic. Former Child Model. Juice addict. Environmentalist. Pro-LGBT. Cooking. Angels & Saints. Demonology. Philosophy. Horror Movies. Mermaids. Animal Lover. Music. Makeup. Health.

I am a blended mix of Latina, Persian, and Swedish. A delightful Aquarius and my hips don’t lie. With once a cool Muslim of a father and an insane Latina for a mother, I was completely blissful with my colorful and enchanting life while waiting for my Prince Charming. Sadly, that fairytale of a childhood came to an end when my father walked out on me and completely disappeared from the face of the Earth.
It has been almost four years since I last heard from him and by each day that passes by have I been trying to move on, day in and day out. Not a second goes by that I don’t wonder where he is, some days are better than others, but most of them are purified pain running through my system.
I live with a constant ache within me, a shattered soul that won’t ever be whole and there is nothing I can do about it and that kills me. But I still live as I’m whole, I still live as I’ve never had my heart broken.

Keep me entertained and I’ll pay attention. Well, Beauty Madeleine Sausan Karam Martinez (I know, blame my mother) is the birth name, but you can have the lovely pleasure of calling me Beauty, Bee, or whatever your little heart desires. When I feel strongly about something I’m not so quiet, tell me a secret and I’ll keep it to myself. I’m outgoing and like change.  I’m a complete dork and a phenomenal cook. Give me a book and I’ll be occupied for hours & you’ll never find me without my ipod. I speak 3 languages; Swedish, Spanish, & English. I was born in Sweden but practically raised in Argentina, we kept moving back and forth, and I went to school there as well.
I did some modeling both in Sweden – Stockholm and Argentina – Mendoza when I was 2,3 until 10, I’ve also taken ballet and dance classes when I was younger. But not dance nor modeling was for me, I soon realized what my heart yearned for, what made my entire being high out of bliss were words, stories; writing.
Creating stories was my found bliss, and I finally had found home as well. Nothing brings me the joy that writing does. Books and writing is a part of me, I wouldn’t know who I was without it. I write every day, it’s as normal as breathing for me.

I love being creative, in all shapes and forms of art. There is nothing I enjoy more than traveling and exploring. I love seeing new places, go on adventures, and creating memories. I adore giving, from the bottom of my heart, nothing thrills me more than giving gifts, my time, or helping someone in one way or another. Real favors and giving are an act of kindness, to never expect anything in return.
I’m so far from being a morning person as one can be. I practically turn into the Hulk 2.0 if someone as much as glances at me. I’m a total tea addict, shoe lover, and book freak.

At the moment am I writing my third book that I hopefully get to share with the world soon.
I’m also working at a beauty store while being a film critic – attending events and press screenings, writing movie reviews and also being a Creative Director/Copy Writer for a beauty salon.

I miss my past, more than ever, but I look forward to the future. Well, that’s part of my story, and the rest is still unwritten. Xo, Beauty