Comic Con 2018 – Review by guest blogger.

Entry by; Jiyan Bagcivanci
Pictures by; Ayass Fatouhiy

The doors opened at 15 on Friday and we were welcomed to the biggest event for comics. There wasn’t as much people as I’d thought it would be, but I did although get informed that Saturday would be packed.
We were greeted by the latest Android from Starwars and an entire lego Star wars army. Beside them, R2D2 and his companions greeted the visitors with it’s signature sounds. When we stepped in I was a bit disappointed to the small size of such an event, yet there was enough stands and shops to go around.
From Fox to Playstation to Swedish Military, all of them were jammed in one place. Why the military was there? I dont know, maybe catch some Call of Duty players and recruit them? Either way, it seemed as if this years ComicCon was mainly focused on games, games, and more games.
All the major players were there; Playstation showing their VR, Nitendo demonstrating the latest Mario-games, Tomb Raider, Metro Exodus, Starlink and many many more were showcasing the newest games soon availible to the public.
In between you could catch cosplayers walking around. This year, Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad seemed seemed to be the character of choice and a couple of manga school girls. The day went by fast and soon enough Saturday came around.
It was packed. People from all corners of Sweden and it’s neighbouring countries flocked the mess hall. Today Mads Mikkelsen, known for Hannibal and Doctor Strange had an Q&A and people were bombarding him with personal and professional questions. After that we took a stroll around the hall and played the games and checked the shops. Mystery boxes seemed to be the talk of the day and everyone walked around with a orange box or a specifically themed box, from Dr.Who to Minecraft. All in all, this years ComicCon was exciting and fun but they should’ve had more focus on Comics like Marvel or DC and not so much on games.

– Jiyan Bagcivanci

Marine Sponsor

Some seem to view the ocean, this blue endless (in size) and depth as invulnerable, and not as a home to living creatures.
More than half of the animals living under the sea are becoming threatened and endangered by the minute, and by the rate the humankind are destroying our oceans on this beautiful planet, we’ll be losing these gorgeous species.
They are decreasing, and on the rise to come to an end. Not only because the humankind treats it as a garbage can – over 4.7 billion plastic items are dumped in landfills and oceans every year worldwide, but also because each second sharks are being killed for their fins, corals are dying thanks to climate change, and thanks to uncontrolled exploitation that is damaging marine areas that are important for fishes and other animals.
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Become a marine sponsor and help make a change, become these voiceless animals voices and speak for them, fight for their rights and their home. Stop poaching, and help restore a balance.
You can also make small changes in your daily living such a recycling, buying organic, maybe going vegan, etc. All this will also help stop global warming and hopefully save our planet. I do my part at by each month donating a certain amount.



Make a change

Thank you, to wwfsverige for my adorable little turtle (named him Phil)
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They should bless their sight with the beauty of these magnificent sea animals, but by the rate they’re becoming extinct, they’ll only know them by pictures. Support a cause, help make a change.

Comic Con 2017

Sadly, this year’s Comic-Con, though a huge improvement since the last one, I couldn’t appreciate it since my head and soul was somewhere far away, completely distracted, unable to enjoy the moment.
I was too distracted to pay attention to everything that was going on around me which was heart-shattering. I’ve been feeling somewhat under the weather lately, and I couldn’t let it go, making me almost mad that it was taking over – making me unable to have fun during what tends to be a joy for me.

Though as mentioned, not being a gamer, I simply love being in the atmosphere of those who do. The vibe is as close to blissful as one can get, seeing souls wandering around in costumes, expressing themselves beautifully, talented artist showcasing their work, cool items, to Q&A with stars such as Pamela Anderson. Cobie Smulders, and Ian Glen.

I will continue to attend, and hopefully, I’ll be in a better mood during the next one.
Props to everyone involved, until next year, much love.

P.S. On my Instagram @beautymartinez, you’ll find short snippets of Pamela Andersson, and I only posted videos of Cobie on my story.

GameStop Expo 2017 Conference.

Got the pleasure to attend a conference held by GameStop, a pre-showing of the latest games news for the media only.
Though I might not be the best one to judge or write a review since I’m not a gamer myself, however, I did find it fascinating once being there, looking at games, and listening to them explain and talk about it.
It truly catches my attention watching this whole world come to life by today’s technology and someone’s creativity. Besides that, also what strikes me like thunder is the beautiful details of the design of each game. It grabs you, and suddenly you somehow find it in you to understand the ones who play on a daily basis. I guess in a way, it’s an escape, the same books are to me, or movies and music are to someone else.

Thank you for the invite, truly appreciated.

Music is the strongest form of magic. – Marilyn Manson

In December 2012, stormy, snowy, and cold breezes slapping my face as I made my way through the bad weather became a day I’d never forget and would treasure deeply at the core of my heart.
I finally would experience one of our time’s most provocative, artistic, and rawest artist. Marilyn Manson, a man that practically needs no introduction.
His persona, work, and look was something that I quickly became addicted to, obsessed even, and in awe of his outlook, way of thinking, and way of being.
He instantly became a household name and I would use whatever opportunity that I got to bring him up, or praying someone else would so I could gush over my new found hobby that was everything revolving or had anything to do with him. From his art pieces (that I am still shattered I don’t own any of), his writing and story-telling in one of my favorite read Marilyn Manson – The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell, his music that goes without saying to his acting in roles such as Tully in Sons Of Anarchy and The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things.

He’s never been one to stay quiet, he’s very outspoken about topics most would probably stay away from, no subject is taboo, and that is one of the many things that I not only love but respect about him.
He talks about everything between heaven and hell, from religion, politics, violence, sex, to guns and death. Nothing’s off the table, making him real with the purest of depth, soul, and heartfelt – something many artists lack.

I believe in his creativity, the man’s a genius, and I will always support his work. The world needs him – we need people that will scream everything that is wrong, someone that will inspire wandering souls not knowing how to burst free and be themselves. It’s powerful, beautiful, and refreshing.

2012 was the first time I got to see him live, something I had dreamt of for years. The second time was in 2015 when he came to the amusement park Gröna Lund in Stockholm, and now I am a proud ticket owner for his next Sweden visit/concert in 2017.
For as long as he continues to sing and perform, I will continue to be one of the humans standing in the crowd, looking up wondering what we did to deserve such beautiful, brilliant, and outstanding being among us.

People tend to associate anyone who looks and behaves differently with illegal or immoral activity” – Marilyn Manson

We are all judged based on ignorance, we live in a society where people will try to fuck you, but never go the extra mile to get to know you. If people spent more time building themselves up instead of tearing others down, insecurity wouldn’t divide us.

People has such difficulty accepting someone else’s beliefs and original way of being, or even thinking. Humans are almost programmed to react to something that is off the norms and doesn’t fit their structured picture.
Anyone who colors outside the lines is instantly labeled, being pointed out immediately that they’re doing it wrong.
Two + two is four, but so is three + one – doesn’t make it wrong, just different.
Learn to open your eyes, heart, and mind to newer things, looks, and people. We’re all enchanting in our own uniqueness, and that is the beauty of it all.
A certain outfit, look, or make-up does not define the person, the soul and beating heart underneath, it only defines you. Don’t miss out getting to know new people, making new friends just for the sole purpose that they don’t think or dress like yourself.
Embrace them, experience and have a taste of something that’s outside not only your comfort zone but your structured thoughts that have been laid out since the day you were born, be brave enough to break the chains and accept people for whom they truly are. Make new history, take a different path than the one your parents told you to take.

I truly hope that I get the chance to work with him someday, the day my novel gets published and hopefully becomes a movie adaption, he’s the one that I have in mind to create a song that will become the soundtrack.
I always find a way to mention him in my writings, something I truly hope I soon get to share with the world.

Comic Con 2016



My soul is shattered, what a disappointment. It feels like it keeps getting worse by each year that goes by. The last one that I went to was rather decent, which was in 2014. Comparing 2014’s to this year is almost painful. I felt as it was more collective items and more merch to buy back then, more booth’s with fun stuff.
I was on the hunt for a nice Superman mug and NOTHING. I saw one in blue with the Superman logo and that was practically it. I obviously I wanted something with Cavill’s face on it.
It was some here and there, but not a lot. Mostly gaming stations.

The vibe was just different, the atmosphere was quite dull and not as hyped as it tends to be. Their loosing their thing, I think they should go a little bit bigger next time and bring bigger actors and actresses. Go Big, or Go Home right?

As far as gaming goes, my friend that I went with who’s a gamer was quite disappointed in the turn out, not so much excitement, not a lot to see, and you could see everything in  almost 1h, or even less.

I hope next years will be much better and bigger! More stuff, I want to buy things with cool logos and prints! Don’t break my heart Comic Con – Stockholm, I’m still rooting for you to grow!

A dream would be to attend the one in San Diego! #bucketlist



Hello loves, I know it’s been a while but I’ve been having the time of my life in an epic Florida road trip, checking the cities Miami, Orlando, Key West, and the dreamy Bahamas.
Though it was only 17 days it felt like ages, and at one point I thought I was never coming back home. Not because I wanted to stay, but I didn’t think I’d be able to park my butt on the plane back home.

I have the worst fear of flying, how I even made it there, I don’t know. The worst part is landing, enjoying your vacations, and then realizing you also have to come back home the same damn way. On our way back, on the flight from Miami to Germany (our connecting flight) I was practically a wreck the entire flight. I kept shaking uncontrollably, my heart, stomach, and soul altogether was in knots praying, and at some point, my whole being just had it with the fear and tears started running from the corners of my eyes, I was losing it.

Everything about planes and flying scares me, and the claustrophobic panic kicks in and I don’t know what to do with myself. I hate it, I hate that I cannot control it and that I let it dominate – because I love traveling and seeing new places, I love adventures, creating memories, meeting new people, and getting to know new cultures and all those beautiful places this amazing planet has to offer. I love life, I’ve come to appreciate it in a way I never did before.

It’s the height, being closed off everything and nowhere to go, not being able to feel the gentle breeze stroking my skin and inhaling it into all of my senses. Then I start to wonder how the pilots are feeling – what if he’s depressed and no one knows? And he just wants to end it all? Then natural causes, crashes, a wing getting damaged, an electrical fault, turbulent, literally anything and everything crosses my mind. The whole way I kept looking at the crew, making sure they seemed calm, 2: Once they started serving, I thought: If they’re okay with serving, everything must be going well, they wouldn’t if someone had given them some kind of warning and the need to hold it. I kept taking deep long breaths and the warmth of my mother gave me serenity. The moment I held her hand, squeezing it to death, I felt safe. My own guardian angel.

Well back to the trip, I traveled with my mother who’s my traveling companion through thick and thin. We travel every year somewhere, it’s our mother-daughter trip, it’s practically a tradition. And this year we chose Florida. I’ve always wanted to visit Miami, and thought since we’re already there we might as well check out Orlando, because who doesn’t wanna see Disney World & Universal Studios?! EPIC. I have no words for it, it was more than I ever imagined.
Bahamas is on a whole other level, it’s paradise.

I took a whole lot of pictures, I must’ve been snapping around 300 of them, but here’s just a few so you’ll get a glimpse. I posted a lot on both my Snapchat & Instagram @beautymartinez
Btw, they’re not in order, I just uploaded and posted them.


Kevin Hart – What now? Tour

IMG_6831About last night (see what I did there?) Anyways, last night was quite amazing, spent the night with laughters and wiping away tears of joy as I enjoyed the great, the only, KEVIN HART! The seats weren’t the best since we sort of bought them kind of late and I wasn’t the one who ordered them, but we had a great time anyways. Just wished that I could’ve seen him better, I spent most of the night watching the screen. I do must say that they set it up pretty bad, they could of have had the stage in the center of the arena..? Oh well. The show itself was a little bit of a disappointment, I mean whenever one has seen his videos/performing movies, there are flames and it seems bigger and better, and now it was empty and pretty dull. It lacked creativity.

Besides the vision, I thought he wrapped it up quite fast, I mean the three comedians before him dragged it out and not to throw shade on them, don’t get me wrong they were fun but I paid for Kevin Hart, and if I had it my way he’d be on stage for at least an hour and a half, if I remember correctly when I went to see Fluffy he almost made it two hours so kinda sad but it doesn’t matter, I got to see him live and laugh my heart out, and it was amazing. I’d definitely recommend him and to see him live if you ever get the chance and I will sure see him again on another tour; he’s a comedian rockstar! He cannot fail on making you laugh from the core, it’s wonderful! #king

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