Ladies and gents, meet King Cairo.

My furry little reason to why I haven’t been able to update the site.
My man and I decided it was time to expand our family of just us two with a new member, a mini chihuahua to be exact.
So my time has gone to potty train him, teach him few commands, and simply swoon over how adorable he is.
So, with this entry I’d like to apologize for neglecting the blog, and I will do my best to update as much as I possibly can. Until then, enjoy this picture of our baby.

Comic Con 2018 – Review by guest blogger.

Entry by; Jiyan Bagcivanci
Pictures by; Ayass Fatouhiy

The doors opened at 15 on Friday and we were welcomed to the biggest event for comics. There wasn’t as much people as I’d thought it would be, but I did although get informed that Saturday would be packed.
We were greeted by the latest Android from Starwars and an entire lego Star wars army. Beside them, R2D2 and his companions greeted the visitors with it’s signature sounds. When we stepped in I was a bit disappointed to the small size of such an event, yet there was enough stands and shops to go around.
From Fox to Playstation to Swedish Military, all of them were jammed in one place. Why the military was there? I dont know, maybe catch some Call of Duty players and recruit them? Either way, it seemed as if this years ComicCon was mainly focused on games, games, and more games.
All the major players were there; Playstation showing their VR, Nitendo demonstrating the latest Mario-games, Tomb Raider, Metro Exodus, Starlink and many many more were showcasing the newest games soon availible to the public.
In between you could catch cosplayers walking around. This year, Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad seemed seemed to be the character of choice and a couple of manga school girls. The day went by fast and soon enough Saturday came around.
It was packed. People from all corners of Sweden and it’s neighbouring countries flocked the mess hall. Today Mads Mikkelsen, known for Hannibal and Doctor Strange had an Q&A and people were bombarding him with personal and professional questions. After that we took a stroll around the hall and played the games and checked the shops. Mystery boxes seemed to be the talk of the day and everyone walked around with a orange box or a specifically themed box, from Dr.Who to Minecraft. All in all, this years ComicCon was exciting and fun but they should’ve had more focus on Comics like Marvel or DC and not so much on games.

– Jiyan Bagcivanci


Annnnnd, I’m back. Took a very long and much needed vacation, strolled through the vibrating streets of New York and became one with the blue waves in the oceans of Puerto Rico – For pictures, feel free to visit my Instagram @beautymartinez.
Got a press screening tomorrow for Slender Man and that review will show up here later during the day. However, took a few visits to the movies in Puerto Rico and thought I’d start by updating with some reviews of films I got check to out there.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer and enjoyed the insane heat in one way or another, I feel like I brought the Puerto Rican sun back with me, anyways. Come back soon, XO

Marine Sponsor

Some seem to view the ocean, this blue endless (in size) and depth as invulnerable, and not as a home to living creatures.
More than half of the animals living under the sea are becoming threatened and endangered by the minute, and by the rate the humankind are destroying our oceans on this beautiful planet, we’ll be losing these gorgeous species.
They are decreasing, and on the rise to come to an end. Not only because the humankind treats it as a garbage can – over 4.7 billion plastic items are dumped in landfills and oceans every year worldwide, but also because each second sharks are being killed for their fins, corals are dying thanks to climate change, and thanks to uncontrolled exploitation that is damaging marine areas that are important for fishes and other animals.
By supporting a cause involved with this you’re contributing to hopefully, one day restoring not only our beautiful oceans, but stunning marine animals that are practically gone as well.
Become a marine sponsor and help make a change, become these voiceless animals voices and speak for them, fight for their rights and their home. Stop poaching, and help restore a balance.
You can also make small changes in your daily living such a recycling, buying organic, maybe going vegan, etc. All this will also help stop global warming and hopefully save our planet. I do my part at by each month donating a certain amount.



Make a change

Thank you, to wwfsverige for my adorable little turtle (named him Phil)
Everyone can get one by simply becoming a marine sponsor at, and donating a certain amount each month to help these beautiful species that are on the rise to come to an end if we don’t act and start making changes.
By something so little, you can make a huge difference and contribution to our amazing planet.
Set an example for future generations, your families, and kids. They should have the honor as we have had to know what a whale is, a shark, a turtle, and all those other beings that call the ocean their home.
They should bless their sight with the beauty of these magnificent sea animals, but by the rate they’re becoming extinct, they’ll only know them by pictures. Support a cause, help make a change.


It has been a while since I posted anything, and thought I’d post an entry explaining my absence, not a lot, just shortly why I haven’t been active lately. I’ve been struggling a bit with my health, been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks and felt that I needed some time to focus on myself and unfortunately that meant a break from the blog and reviews.
All I ask is for some patience and understanding, I will now start posting few reviews and slowly try to get back on track.

Massive thank you to everyone at SONY, not only for the great copies you keep sending, but also for this awesome gift that I received a few days ago. Xo

Kompis-pris ;)

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