Daddy’s Home 2 (Press-screening review)

Director; Sean Anders
1h 40 minutes
Swedish premiere; November 24th

Sean Anders is my type of director when it comes to comedy, I loved Horrible Bosses 2, We’re The Millers, and of course, the first Daddy’s Home. This time, we hop-on an insane roller coaster of family drama that includes step-kids, step-dads, and new wifes and of course, welcoming the grandpas.

Mel Gibson became a warm welcoming into the cast, adding him and his character was a joy to watch, and only made the movie better. Truly enjoyed it from beginning to end, from the story to delivering that warm fuzzy feeling making you look forward to celebrating Christmas, wearing lame X-mas sweaters, fireplaces, and listening X-mas music.

In the sequal we once again meet Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, this time getting along by co-parenting the kids, though everything seems to float smoothly and better than it has ever been, their fathers join in to celebrate the Holidays with them and turns everything upside down.

It’s entertaining and soulful with a lot of heart, sweet moments that will warm you and have you leave the theater with that good-feeling that we often crave after these types of family films.

Spider-man Homecoming (Bluray review)

Director; Jon Watts
2h 13 minutes
Out on Bluray

An insult to Spider-man fans all around the globe and previous films. Marvel has practically self-sabotaged it for themselves with this film. I’m questioning how on earth no one on the crew said something before releasing it?

I enjoyed the previous Spider-man movies, going way back to when Tobey Maguire played Peter Parker, a student who got bitten by a radioactive spider that completely changed his life. The story itself was something I liked, had fun times watching, and it was a fantastic cinematic experience between the visuals of beautiful New York, skyscrapers, and being part of his everyday life struggle of being a normal kid and a superhero.

Marvel itself had brought us some really good work throughout the years, some better than others but always equally entertaining, heartfelt, with some great CGI that would leave you in a trance of amazing effects and theater experience, sitting on your seat in a total bliss of the beauty that is today’s technology.

Peter Parker played by the new face of Spider-man (Tom Holland) tries to balance a life between school and being an intern for Tony Stark aka Iron Man. When Tony doesn’t see his potential, all frustrated, Peter takes on the street crimes all alone to prove himself as a superhero.

It wasn’t all terrible, Tom Holland makes a quite decent Spider-Man. What actually caught my attention was his innocent and sweet voice, and though his acting is good the plot was just dull and so was the visual, nothing extraordinary.
One role or character that was unnecessary and a complete waste was Michelle, played by Zendaya.
I wonder if they used most of the budget to hire her that it ended up with them not having enough for the actual production and to hire better CGI guys that would do a much better work.
I cannot for the life of me figure out what was the actual point of having her? Maybe it was because of her large following, to attract more people to watch the movie? But if that was the case, they could’ve given her a better role with more meaning.

Don’t waste your time. Stick to re-watching the old Spidey movies and skip this one. 3.1/10

Deleted scenes and extended scenes.
Cast Gag Reel.
The Spidey study guide: A pop-up factoid track.
Unseen alternative Captain America PSAs.
Aftermath: Filmmakers bridge the gap from the battle of New York.
A tangled web: Spider-man’s integration into the Marvel universe.
And more.

Thank you to SONY HOME for the copy.

Despicable Me 3 (Bluray review)

Directors; Kyle Balda. Pierre Coffin. Eric Guillon.
1h 30 minutes
Out on Bluray

It’s almost close to impossible to hold back a smile when one or all of the minions pop up, they shine like little diamonds in the darkened sky every time, delivering a laughter to the whole family. Sadly, they didn’t bring home the gold in the third Despicable Me film.

I can’t figure out if these movies are getting worse or if I’ve had enough of them. It wasn’t awful, but it is slowly fading into becoming a movie that will end up with dust on the shelves.
Maybe I’m not the greatest judge considering that this film is targeted for children, but deep into my twenty-five I can still appreciate a good animated story, my inner child hasn’t left the building, and probably never will.

After several years in the unknown, believing he was the only child, Gru finds out that he has a twin brother, after meeting him, not only are they the complete opposite, but his twin is dying to get into the family business that is being a villain, and he wants Gru’s help.

I found the plot rather dumb, dull, and going at a very slow pace, making it even more boring since it never seemed to come to an end. However, the very few scenes the minions have alone are almost worth watching the movie. Personally, I would continue on making movies with just the minions, and end Despicable Me with this one. 4/10

Deleted scenes.
Minion moments.
Making of Despicable Me 3.
Dru’s development.
Sing Along.
Music Video.

Bluray copy from UIP.

Wonder Woman (Bluray review)

Director; Petty Jenkins
2h 21 minutes
Out on Bluray.

No masterpiece or extraordinary motion picture experience, a mediocre script that never seemed to come to an end, dragged out, and a complete mess with no heart and soul into the story of a ”historic” warrior and character.

Following the journey of an Amazonian warrior, one who’s in training since the early years, grows up into slowly discovering her powers and destiny by leaving her home, only to team up with a pilot/spy to fight a war she’s certain is created and caused by a God from a story her mother told her about.

You know those movies that you sit down patiently to begin, thinking it will take you on a ride of stunning visions, capturing stories, and become smitten by faces and personalities? This wasn’t it.
Though the comics, especially Wonder Woman, has never been an interest of mine, I have still managed to enjoy previous movies of other ”superheroes”, I’ve appreciated the views, the plot, the performances and everything it has delivered, but here? I felt almost forced to watch it for the sole purpose that I could post this review and write down my thoughts, praying for it to come to an end.

It wasn’t awful, but not something I’d recommend. 5/5

Epilogue: Etta’s mission
Explore the filmmaking journey to create an adventure worthy of DC’s greatest warrior
Join director as she takes you through Wonder Woman’s most pivotal and exciting moments
Extended scenes
Blooper reel

Within (Crawlspace) (Review)

Director; Phil Claydon
1h 28 minutes
From 2016 (Out on Netflix)

It started off good, that is until it turned into something that has already been done.
Within must’ve gotten the idea and inspiration from The Boy, another movie that is also streaming on Netflix with a very similar plot. They could’ve at least given it a different twist besides just small changes in the story itself, but no, so once you realize that you’ve already seen it, it becomes dull and a complete waste of your time.

Within aka Crawlspace, begins rather gentle with zero thrill about a widower moving into a new house with his daughter and new wife, and though it might seem like a whole new beginning to the family, it turns into a nightmare that comes from inside the house, a presence from behind the walls.

It’s un-scary mess that tries to be way more but fails epicly, there’s nothing new or fresh about it. 4/10

Cult of Chucky (Bluray review)

Director; Don Mancini
1h 31 minutes
From October 24th 2017.

It’s been four years since The Curse of Chucky came out, and our beloved yet tormented doll terrorized Nina. This time he’s back to not only finish what he started back then but to also team up with his former wife, and to settle some scores with his enemies.

I’ve been a fan of Chucky for as long as I can remember, it reminds me so much of my childhood, and was one of the first horror films that I watched. It was a bittersweet sensation, the thrill of being afraid, wanting to look away or run and hide, but also sitting there almost by the edge thanks to the suspense that these films brought to me as a kid.
Today, several years later, and me being much older there’s still definitely some sort of thrill left floating in the air, yet not as exciting as when I was younger of course. Now, I found it idiotic even, wondering how through the years no one ever manages to overpower a damn doll?!
However, I do appreciate the storyline and plot better now due to actually understanding it rather than being a child and only focusing on the pictures and messy killing.

Of course, there’s a difference and upgrade of Chucky himself, and I must say that I found him rather strange in the latest version, not the classic look we’re used to even though the red hair was there and the known outfit. But equally entertaining with his evil laugh and sarcastic lines that ends up being humorous. I enjoyed it, besides him looking different there isn’t much negative I can say about it. 6/10

Bluray extras;
Deleted scenes with commentary by director.
Inside the insanity of Cult of Chucky.
Good guy gone bad.
The dollhouse.
Feature commentary with director puppeteer Tony Gardner.

The Mummy (Bluray review)

Director; Alex Kurtzman
1h 50 minutes
Out on Bluray!

Though I was looking forward to experiencing something parallel and epic, I got mediocre and mellow. I wouldn’t call it a disappointment, it just simply didn’t make the cut.

Though the visual was stunning some scenes looked rather cheap, and certain characters were completely unnecessary, it just wasn’t enough to satisfy my movie-loving-soul that had been waiting to see the always handsome Tom Cruise in another adventurism story, this time involving mummies, and some other non-human creatures.

It lacked excitement, barely any thrill as these genres are supposed to have, and the plot was quite dull.
Tom Cruise, a talented actor and though I am a fan of his, he didn’t quite fit in here as a treasure hunter, he seemed out of place.
And though the script is supposed to be all about Sofia Boutella, of course, it ends up being a movie where Cruise gets beaten up most parts yet as always comes out without a single scratch nor bruises – too unrealistic.
She, being the main character as the actual MUMMY, was barely showcased as she should’ve been or deserved. No interesting powers whatsoever, and don’t even get me started on Russell Crowe.

A character that was completely unnecessary to have along for the ride was actor Jake Johnson, and as much as I adored him in Let’s Be Cops, he was just awfully placed here.
The acting and expressions were bad, lines, and attempt to throw some humor in ended up being painful.
Brendan Fraser had some sort of charisma and a sparkling smile that he automatically became more charming on screen, and humor became a natural ingredient of the movie as well as for his role. But here, they failed.

As this being an introduction, welcoming characters for the Dark Universe that Universal has planned for the future, bringing us cinematic experiences with some classic monsters, then I’m saddened to say that after this, they’re off to a rocky beginning.

In overall, it’s not a bad movie, might seem like it after this review, but it just wasn’t what I wanted or expected to see. Some scenes were beautifully made, Sofia Boutella as the ancient Princess was great, and it was entertaining for a once time commitment, but that’s practically it. 5.6/10

Bluray extras;
Deleted and extended scenes.
Cruise & Kurtzman; a conversation.
Rooted in reality – Life in zero-G: creating the plane crash.
Meet Ahmanet – Cruise in action.
Becoming Jekhyll and Hyde.
Choreographed chaos.
Nick Morton: in search of a soul.
Ahmanet reborn animated.
Graphic novel – feature commentary.

Happy Death Day (press-screening review)

Director; Christopher Landon
1h 36 minutes
Swedish premiere; October 20th

Surprisingly good, director Christopher Landon, a writer and producer, known for several movies but he’s the brain behind one of my favorites, Disturbia. A fantastic thriller with the young talent, Shia Labeouf. Anyways, back to Happy Death Day.

Happy Death Day was better than I expected. The movie doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that is what made it entertaining. Plus not having any sort of expectations might’ve helped as well.
It kicks off rather quickly and never becomes dull and has zero unnecessary scenes, that is what I mostly enjoyed.
You don’t feel like dozing off somewhere along the way because the script becomes boring or movie too long, the length of an hour and a half was just enough for this genre.

College student Tree (Jessica Rothe), ends up on a never-ending nightmare of a loop on her birthday, getting killed only to wake up the next day and for it to happen all over again. She must now face the same day she’s stuck on until she figures out the identity of her killer.

It even becomes funny, you’ll share a laugh or two throughout the film, it will even charm you. The chemistry between Tree and Carter is adorable though it started off rocky, they being together grows on you, and you end up cheering for these two.
The script will have you constantly thinking you have figured out who the killer is but it will manage to surprise you, that is the brilliance of it and what makes it worth watching. 6/10

The Snowman (press-screening review)

Director; Tomas Alfredson
1h 59 minutes
Swedish premiere; October 13th.

A snoozing fest, that is what this film was from beginning to end. It was dull with zero building up toward a grand finale and me yawning until the credits started rolling. I’ve never checked my phone so many times as I did during this movie, literally counting down the seconds so I could leave.

Detective Harry Hole (Michael Fassbender), dives into an investigation alongside Katrine Bratt (Rebecca Ferguson) who’s trying to solve a mystery case involving a killer that only targets women and leaves the crime scene by building a snowman. Little does Harry know that the killer was inside his circle all along.

Since I haven’t read the book this film is based on I can’t do any comparing, however, judging the movie alone I must say that it was a disaster, not something I’d watch twice or even recommend.
There were too many dragged out scenes, almost two hours for a movie of this genre is too long, or maybe it was me who wasn’t in the greatest mood when watching it, I don’t know, but do yourself a favor and save your money and wait until you can stream it online.
The rating is just for the actors whose performance was great but sadly overshadowed by the boring script and mediocre vision.

Mother! (Press-screening review)

Director; Darren Aronofsky
2h 1 minute
Swedish premiere; September 29th

Must’ve been the most frustrating movie of all times, I’ve never felt such intense raw rage crawling through my system, bursting every nerve of mine with pure anger during a movie. It’s a love it or hate it kind of script, and I still haven’t figured out what I’m feeling toward it.

Besides being frustrating, I felt as it tried too hard to come off as art, a masterpiece and failed miserably with its lack of heart, soul, and depth. It tried so hard to be intellectual, deep, and to leave you in awe but it became a complete mess instead – you leaving the theater with a migraine and all tense due to all the times you sat there praying you’d get sucked into the screen just so you could strangle to death every character and save her, (Jennifer Lawrence).

A married couple played by Lawrence and Bardem has their tranquil life turned upside down when some uninvited guest shows up at their doorstep one night…

It is quite biblical once you over-analyze every scene, line, moment, and character. It may take a while but once you realize it, everything falls into place. He becomes God; the creator, open his home to everyone, believes in forgiveness, and is imortal.
She becomes Mother Earth; the peaceful, sensual, and beautiful one.
The crystal becomes the forbidden apple, and the second couple that appears becomes Adam and Eve. Once you see that, it’s actually a quite interesting take on it, you suddenly change your first opinion about it, you see it in a whole new light, not hating it as much as you did right after the movie ended. You have to let it sink in. Though, I’d sure would not check it out twice, once was more than enough.

If you want to get frustrated and imagine 404 different ways you can kill someone or several ones, then sure, check it out, if you want to leave the theater with actual peace inside of you then I would recommend you watch something else, something perhaps more vanilla. 5/10