Riverdale (Review)

Creator; Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
45 minutes
Season 2 on Netflix.

Archie and his friends with a darker twist. Based on the comics, Riverdale will grab ahold of you whether you like it or not. It’s highly addictive, and though entertaining and will every now and then crawl underneath your skin, don’t expect it to be like the comics from the 40’s.

Riverdale, a small town with darkness and one mystery after the other surfacing its ”normal” facade. We get to follow Archie and his friends as they together try to live life as teens but also solving murders, clues, and dealing with parents and school.

Riverdale was brought to my attention by a friend, and since I was in desperate need to find something to binge, I decided to give it a try and just like that, I had found a new guilty pleasure that I could enjoy while snuggled on my couch on these dark winter days.

There’s teen love, that is intoxicating, exciting, and filled with passion. Drama and rival between characters, the thrill of the crime and mystery, and the warmness of small towns. It’s Gossip Girl meets Pretty Little Liars meets Twin Peaks. 7/10

Atypical (Review)

Creator; Robia Rashid
30 minutes
Season 1 on Netflix.

Heartfelt, beautifully warm, and funny. All wrapped into an entertaining, brilliant, and informative show that will besides have you go through an emotional roller coaster, also teach you more about autism.

Randomly I decided to check out the Netflix Original Atypical on a gloomy day with nothing else to watch, so I had no expectations, hadn’t heard about it, and thought I’d give it a chance. I was hooked and ended up binge-watching the entire first season in two sittings.
It captures your soul with not only the phenomenal performance by the whole cast but the storyline is relatable when watching it from different perspectives and aspects.

They managed to so greatly combine autism with heart, care, and humor into a perfect blend of a tv-show that will steal your interest from beginning to end, and you will love every single bit of every moment.

We get to follow Sam, who is on the autism spectrum and his journey of finding a girlfriend, dealing with his family, school and relationship to his therapist.

I absolutely loved it, strongly recommended. 8/10

Beyond Stranger Things (Review)

Host; Jim Rash
21 minutes
7 Episodes
Streaming on Netflix.

Since I reviewed the second season of what must be one of the most popular shows streaming on Netflix at the moment, I thought I would also check out Beyond Stranger Things and post a review of it as well.

Host, Jim Rash sits down through seven rounds with all of the cast members and not only interviews them, but also gets inside gossip on what went on behind the scenes, asks the creator themselves on specific moments and details, and asks the ensemble and main actors who plays the lead roles on their thoughts about the show and how it felt going into the second season and welcoming new actors.

Being a fan of the show I found it quite entertaining, you get glimpses of information and hints on what we can expect for the future of these beloved characters, more questions answered regarding the upside down, Eleven, and the new faces. With its 21 minutes long divided into seven parts it becomes just enough to keep you hooked and not doze off.  They keep it light and entertaining, and if you’re a fan, I strongly suggest you check it out. 5/5

Stranger Things 2 (Review)

Creator; Matt Duffer & Ross Duffer
55 minutes
Season 2 streaming on Netflix.

Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will must legit be the coolest kids on the block, and if I got one wish, it’d be for my old ass to join their squad – because it is lit, and every one of them is too damn supreme in their own unique, enchanting, and beautiful way. I simply adore them, not only as talented actors but also as these characters that they were born to play.
And, I’m pretty certain that no one else would be able to flawlessly pull it off as they’ve done through season one and now season two.

On the sequel, things get bigger, scarier, and stranger. But that doesn’t stop any of them from teaming up and facing whatever creature that has now made itself present on planet earth and once again goes into war with forces that are beyond their world.

The visual is even more stunning the second time around, every detail of every scene is perfectly added, creating a pure blessing for the human sight and fans all around the globe.
The plot; equally entertaining, thrilling, and intriguing as the first season, with a lot of heart, warmth, and soul at the same time – making it a joyful journey no matter the darkness.
It’s hilarious from time to time, there’s an amazing balance between the drama and comedy, but the lightness never overshadows the dark parts and vice-versa.

We also welcome a few new faces and characters into the story, roles that I believe only made the show better, we needed a little bit of a love triangle beside the one we already had with Nancy, Steve, and Jonathan.
As the boys get older, it only seemed fitting that a girl would get thrown into the mix and new feelings would blossom.

I absolutely love the show, already hyped and looking forward to the next season and dying to know what new monsters the boys will face and have to fight, what will happen with all the romantic relationships, and is Will fully recovered from the upside down? 9/10

Chris Brown: Welcome to my life (Review)

Director; Andrew Sandler
1h 20 minutes
Streaming on Netflix.

Not too shabby, for a documentary surrounding a celebrity it wasn’t that bad to be honest.
Usually, I can’t stand them because most times they open up with the crowd chanting the artist name while you hear news about them popping up in a flash, making it look epic and legendary. Here, it actually had some soul, you get a glimpse into his most difficult times during his career and how he handled it all when it felt like his life was falling apart thanks to his mistakes and poor decisions.

He talks about his pre-fame days, past, relationships, and you hear his side of the story of what happened with Rihanna.
I actually found it moving, I don’t know if he’s a good actor and is just pulling the right strings, but I felt bad for him, and everything that happened; all the hate he got at one point, him talking about his depressions, suicidal thoughts, and him being at his lowest.
We all face difficulties, but behind closed doors, he had to face it all while having the entire globe watching his every move and constantly judging every breath of air he ever inhaled.
Being at one end of a microscope can’t be easy no matter the situation, and none of us are God or Saints to be judging him or say what he deserves and doesn’t. It ain’t in our powers, and if someone is willing to admit his wrongs, shouldn’t they be entitled to be forgiven? They deserve redemption as much as the next person.

I’ve always enjoyed his music, and nothing will ever stop me from listening to it. If I like the song, sound, and lyrics, I don’t care who sings it, I won’t ever judge someone’s work of art based on the person they are or were. It is easy to judge when you’re not the one being the target, that says nothing about them but more about you.

If you already formed some sort of image about this man, then obviously it’s nothing for you to check out, if you’re a fan then it’s a must, or like me who enjoys his music, style, and creativity then you should also spend a little bit over an hour on him. 4.7/10

Jane The Virgin (Review)

Creator; Jennie Snyder Urman
From 2014

Sorry for the lack of updates/movie reviews, been having an affair, cheating on movies with Tv-shows.
Started watching Jane The Virgin, got hooked, and so I started binge-watching the episodes that have been released. I am sorry, but reviews will be up shortly. Upcoming ones are;
Smurfs: The Lost Village
– not in that particular order per say, but they will be up as soon as possible. Also, on the 23rd am I attending the screening to American Made, so that review will pop up here as well.

As mentioned, I started watching Jane The Virgin, and honestly, I had zero expectations. I had caught some episodes here and there on tv when zapping through during a dull day, but since I never followed it from the very beginning, I didn’t become interested or felt the slight of desire to look it up, I just kept it in the background and left it at that.

Now, years later since the premiere, I decided to give it a try and I am thrilled that I have because I am smitten by the characters, script, and fantastic plot.
The writers have successfully hidden few grenades here and there that goes nuclear and explodes throughout the story, keeping you on the edge, gasping for air by the end of every episode with its great suspense and brilliant cliffhangers.

Jane The Virgin, the title alone says a lot, but there’s so much more to it. Jane, a Catholic woman who gave a promise to not only God but her grandmother that she would wait until marriage to have sexual relationships, discovers that she was accidentally artificially inseminated with the sperm from her boss that she had a crush on several years back.

The characters are lovable from the get go, there are ones you want to hate due to their actions, yet you cannot find it in you to despise them.
Also, you become completely smitten by the main star that is Jane played by the immense talent and beauty, Gina Rodriguez. Another blast is the actor who plays Jane’s father, he literally beside shining through every moment he’s on camera, has the best lines and plays the role so perfectly that I doubt any other actor would’ve pulled it off as great as he does. I’ve had to pause several times because I was laughing so hard to whatever he has said, done, or expression he’s delivered – a true joy.

A wonderful show that I strongly recommend, haven’t had this fun watching one in a long time, truly have enjoyed it and cannot wait to see where it’ll take me. 7/10

Real Rob (Review)

Director; Rob Schneider
Comedy / ”Reality”
30 minutes
Out on Netflix.

Not too shabby, I actually enjoyed it despite the negative reviews and comments I found online, maybe being a fan of his could be the main reason why I liked it, had a fun time watching it, I don’t know, but I found it to be entertaining enough to continue watching it and write about it.

It’s a semi reality show in a way, not like your typical reality show nor like your typical average tv show.
It has a thin line and balance between a comedy show like any other yet with a twist, giving you that small dash of reality at the same time due to the actors having their real names, and it revolves around the actor Rob Schneider’s real life living in Hollywood.

If you have bad humor like I tend to have and laugh at silly almost stupid lines, then this is for you. You’ll have very few laugh out loud moments, but it’ll be worth it. 5/10

The Sinner (review)

Creator; Derek Simonds
Season 1 from 2017 – Episode 1 & 2 out now.

It’s quite too soon to actually write a review after sole seeing two episodes, but I am already hooked and deeply interested in the outcome and what lies ahead of this mystery, slowly waiting for the plot to unveil itself and characters to blossom throughout the storyline.

So far, it’s been intellectual and dark with a promising future, and I feel that the show can develop brutally as it goes on, they can go deeper, twist things up some more, and deliver some good tv with infinite suspense and thrill. It’s all up to the writers how they wanna play this out really, but if they continue this pace, they’ll have a fan base looking forward to season two before they know it.

Cora Tannetti, played by the immense talent and beautiful Jessica Biel, is a young mother and wife who out of the blue has some sort of meltdown and murders a young boy in cold blood. Now, they all must figure out what is causing and triggering these violent tendencies while giving you glimpses of her past in order to try to connect the dots and figure her out.

Definitely something to check out. 6.8/10

What the Health

What The Health, is a brilliant, sharp, eye-opening, and mind-blowing documentary about the truth behind animal products and dairy.
When will people realize that by consuming it you’re guiding your body through the path toward a slow death?
Research and studies show the damages this diet is causing the human health, diseases such as diabetes and cancer cards will be dealt if people don’t start changing their lifestyles and the way they eat.
Industries, government, pharmaceutical, and health organizations do not want you to get well, they don’t make anything by you being healthy and not needing them. A clean diet doesn’t mean organic MEAT OR CHICKEN.
95% of animal meat products contain fecal contamination and filled with infections, there’s NOTHING clean about it.
I’m getting sick of fitness/Insta models recommending it as part of a healthy lifestyle. STOP encouraging people to get ill by posting bs about chicken breast or meat. Open a book, watch a documentary, or go to a lecture rather than posting selfies at the gym!
You want your protein to come from plants because plant-based protein has a much more beneficial effect on our physiology.
Kip, and to everyone involved, thank you for delivering this, it was just as phenomenal as Cowspiracy! 10/10

The Arrangement (Review)

Creator; Jonathan Abrahams
Tv-series 2017
Season 1

The Arrangement is supposedly loosely based of TomKay (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) story.
For those who has no clue, Tom Cruise is part of the Scientology church, and it was rumored that in 2005 Cruise approached several young Hollywood actresses with an offer of a five-year marriage contract in look out for his new girlfriend and future wife.
The chosen actress not only got a bonus if giving him a child but would also have her own career boost. Now, I don’t know how much of this is actually true, but there must be some sincerity involved considering now there’s a whole tv-show lightly based on the story, either way, it’s quite entertaining.

Waitress/TV actress Megan Morrison is invited to audition for a role in Kyle West’s upcoming movie, and after one short encounter with the handsome Hollywood actor played by Josh Henderson, sparks fly, and she’s offered a $10 million marriage contract.

It’s an entertaining cocktail of love, lies, and twists. It starts off rather gentle, easing you into the story, the characters, and the dark side of Hollywood. Then, slowly by episode 5, you’ll be sitting on the edge wondering what will happen next. You think it’s going to be one way, predictable, dull, and completely obvious but it turns out to be the complete opposite.
Some scenes had me thinking, ”oh, he’s so not going to that,” and he ended up doing it, leaving me in utter shock and questioning his character.
Then as it evolves, we start peeling off layers of Megan’s (Christine Evangelista) persona and there are some secrets buried deep underneath there as well. The season finale left me gasping for air, yearning for more with its insane cliffhanger.
I want to know exactly what happens behind the closed doors at the Higher Mind Institute, how much of it all does Kyle know? Did Megan fake it all just to get out of there? And, will Shaun help her?

By the beginning it’s soft and some moments even unrealistic and somewhat lame, but don’t judge it too quickly, and you’ll have a new addiction before you know it.
+ Great ensemble and performances, especially by Josh Henderson.
I am thrilled at seeing him explore his full potential in these types of roles.
I feel like I’ve only seen him in bits and pieces like Step Up and Desperate Housewives, or maybe I’m just behind and have missed some of his recent works.
Here, Henderson brings a certain essence to his character that I doubt any other actor would’ve played it so well, his eyes radiate some sort of sadness when he knows he’s done something wrong that you can truly feel him actually regretting his mistakes, he makes it feel so real, and you forget about him just playing a role.
There’s an unlocked pain inside of him that we get to see glimpses of; making me extremely interested to know more about his past and dig deeper into his relationship with Terence.
A really talented actor, cannot wait to see more of him and how this show develops. Kudos to the entire cast and crew. 6.3/10