13 Reasons Why (review)

Director; Brian Yorkey
Drama / 1h

For several years I refused to truly be honest about my feelings and every emotion that haunted me through the night.
I became a liar to everyone around me, but worst, I became my own biggest betrayal. I wasn’t true to my heart, spirit, nor soul. Though every part shattered, aching, and screaming, I kept those cries at bay. I still forced myself to smile and pretend that I was alright. Some days it got so easy to fool everyone and myself that I was almost scared of  what I was capable of doing.
Some days got harder, and that is when I locked myself in; not responding to any texts or calls.
I have this talent of so easily shutting people off that it pains me but at the same time I don’t see any other way of dealing with what I am feeling.
Sometimes it feels easier to keep it to myself, but a few days ago, fours years later I finally admitted to not only myself but to someone else that I was broken. I felt revealed, I realized that I wasn’t alone, that I never was, and now I am taking baby-steps to a brighter future, one where my soul is free and there’s peace within me.
It might have been too late to have a full on meltdown swirled with a panic-attack when I finally said to myself ”this is it,” but it was better late than never to call someone and say, ”hey, I feel like shit!”
Maybe if I had told someone sooner I wouldn’t have carried this pain with me for so long, but back then it felt like the right thing to do.

13 Reasons Why shows what happens when you feel everything but don’t tell anyone, and how far some people tends to go to get away from the nightmares they’re living. Words cannot describe how insanely important this serie is, how every single person should take the time to watch the story of one girl. One that happens to so many all around the globe. This is just one of many.
Every pain is different but none less important than the next. They’re all equal and must be taken to the light. We all deal with trauma, depression, and pain in different ways. I faked it for years, everything I was feeling on the inside was never shown on the outside. I continued to go to work, do my daily duties, and hang with friends, even though I spent every night of every month for four years crying myself to sleep.
I did have several moments and chances to confess but never did. I lied, said that I was great, and I had this smile on my face to sell it with my lie.

Clay played by the talented Dylan Minnette comes home to find a package with 13 tapes inside. 13 tapes that will slowly reveal the 13 reasons to why his classmate, Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) ended her life.

It’s powerful, emotional, and a total eye-opener. Topics some of us may know but don’t often talk about. Anything that brings a person shame tends to be treated as a taboo, they don’t speak up, and it’s heart-wrenching. 13 Reasons Why is disturbing yet moving and brilliant. I bow to the entire cast and crew for delivering this and putting it out there, especially the author Jay Asher for writing this. Schools all around the world should play this, kids, teenagers, and adults should watch this! 10/10

Phenomenal ensemble. <3 Love to every single one of you for your work and dedication.

http://13reasonswhy.info (https://mind.se if you live in Sweden) provides with crisis information.

Don’t make the same mistake that I did of waiting too long before reaching out, but most importantly, don’t make the decision Hannah made. Suicide should never be an option, it’s just a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Everything can be solved, it might not seem like it at the moment and that the pain might be there forever, but with a little patience and time, you’ll get there, and soon, you’ll be free to fly.

If you’re in need of talking to someone, about anything, you are more than welcome to write/DM me through Instagram @beautymartinez.

Stay strong, think positive, and remember that you are loved.

The Odd Couple (Review)

Creator/s; Danny Jacobson, Joe Keenan & Matthew Perry
21 minutes – Comedy
3 seasons

Based on the tv-show with the same name from 1970’s written by Neil Simon and created by Garry Marshall, Perry and Lennon brings one of the classics back to life in the new CBS tv show, not only a modern version for newer generations but also something warm and funny with a lot of heart for everyone to enjoy.

Oscar Madison, played by the always charmingly great Matthew Perry, a sports journalist who opens the doors to his home to his college friend Felix Unger (Thomas Lennon) after being kicked out of his place by his wife. Two completely polar opposite personalities have to now share an apartment together, though their lifestyles are as different as black and white.

These two actors go way back, remember Joey’s hand twin in one of the episodes of FRIENDS? Well, that twin was played by Thomas Lennon. They later worked together in the comedy 17 Again and that friendship and chemistry radiates through each episode and scene today.
I cannot think of a better duo to play these characters better than these two, and I’ve fallen in love with their relationship and journey through each season.
I also find myself being able to relate to both characters, mostly Felix since I spend most my time during my days off cleaning, I can’t sleep if my kitchen is a mess, my closet is 99% of the time organized unless I’m traveling and I tend to leave a slight mess when packing.
I constantly think of hygiene, my health, and I love taking pictures. But I also have Oscar days, when I’m leaning toward the lazy side, don’t feel like picking something up, being a little grumpy, and as I am writing this am I working in my underwear. So it’s a little bit of both worlds and I love it. So in one way or another, everyone can relate to them and the show, making it a whole lot more entertaining to watch because you sometimes see yourself in it.

Thomas Lennon’s acting is phenomenal, and there isn’t a single scene with him in it that is dull. Everything from his mannerism, face expression, body language to when he speaks is brilliant and a joy to watch every single time.
He’s a little bit like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, you don’t want to like him but end up loving him to the core instead. I’ve grown so fondly of the show that I truly pray it’ll continue to several more seasons, filling my home with laughter caused by these two together.

Matthew Perry has never failed on bringing a smile to my face, from FRIENDS to The whole nine and ten yards, Fools rush in, 17 Again, and so many others. It always feels like his real persona burst through each one of his characters that he plays in some way. He seems genuine like an amazing person, and you dying to be part of his circle.

Another actor in the show who is a blast to watch, and who I personally think should have more scenes is ”Murph”, played by Geoff Stults. His character is hilarious, and I adore his over-the-top confident yet charming-slightly dumb personality. You can’t hate him. And I enjoy seeing Wendell Pierce in a more light-hearted character than the one he plays in Suits (another favorite show)

They’ve gathered a delightful ensemble of great people, compared to the original that mostly revolved around ”Oscar” and ”Felix. Personally, I feel there’s more soul in this newer version, and they have modernized it beautifully as well.

In overall, The Odd Couple is a soul-warming show that gives you that delightful fuzzy feeling spreading through your system. It’s light, it’s funny, and it will end up entering your heart whether you want it or not. Don’t fight it, and you’ll have a great show to fill your days off with. 5,5/10 

Kudos to the entire cast and crew, and keep on delivering these amazing episodes. Plus, I’ll probably never get enough of Lennon’s adorable persona, and Perry’s almost Caribbean colored eyes!
& shout out to Dave Foley, who we should see more of.

Santa Clarita Diet (Review)

Creator; Victor Fresco
Season 1 on Netflix.

Dark, bloody, and fresh. Netflix’s new series Santa Clarita Diet is entertaining for those who wants a cocktail of Desperate Housewives with a splash of Dexter, a blend of twisted humor and death. I wouldn’t call it straight down original, yet it’s something we might haven’t seen before.

Sheila played by the always charismatic Drew Barrymore finds herself in a slight dilemma one day; craving blood and human flesh.
Without any explanation regarding her condition, she and her husband are now on the hunt to quench her sudden desires and deep hunger.

I found myself sticking through the entire first season, highly entertained by its dark humor, vision, and wonderful acting from Timothy Olyphant who plays the husband.
It has a lightness despite the blood craving and killing, it’s funny, caring, and heartfelt at the same time. 5.5/10

Black Mirror (Review)

Creator; Charlie Brooker
Sci-Fi/Thriller/Drama from 2011
Season 3 on Netflix.

There is something about following a TV-show. Having something to look forward seeing, waiting patiently for the story to develop, tell you more about each persona, and simply falling in love with the script, plot, and characters.

After reading some great comments regarding Black Mirror, I thought I’d give it a try. I wasn’t at all impressed during the first episode and season, I wasn’t as hooked as I’d thought I’d be, nor slightly interested. But I ignored the feeling about turning it off and continued watching, hoping I’d have a change of heart. And I did, because season tree was a masterpiece (personal opinion) it was by far the greatest one I had seen yet and episode two had me on the edge of my seat due to its beautiful suspense that got under my skin.

Every episode is different and unique, yet all have one thing in common; the horrors of technology.
Each episode introduces new characters and cases, and when you think it cannot get any worse, it completely does. It’s horrific and brilliantly fantastic at the same time. Between this, the movies Eagle Eye and Ratter, I have a new found respect and fear when it comes technology. You become paranoid whenever a phone is near, or when you’re sitting by your laptop and wondering if someone has hacked into your system and is watching you through the camera lens. It’s a disturbing feeling that gets inside your head, and you can’t let it go. Finding yourself constantly worrying about it afterward. And that is what I love about this show and writing, that once the episode ends, it stays with you.

Episode one – Season 3 was insane, unpleasant, and almost alarming. Knowing that in some strange ways we’re heading in that direction with social media. Imagine if we got our statuses based on likes. In a way, we’re half way there. If you have a certain amount of followers and likes on Instagram (example) you’re considered an ”Instagram Celebrity”, what if instead of liking pictures, we liked/rated the person behind the profile instead?  And if he/she had more than a certain number, she’s a ”star” in her society IRL? And for those ranked with let’s say 200 or fewer followers, that person wouldn’t be able to enter certain places, get a certain type of discount?
Today if you have a lot of followers you get offers, sponsors, etc. It’s insane if you think about it, Black Mirror is in a twisted way showing us a glimpse into our future. Praying it won’t turn out like that.

Black Mirror is as dark and scary as it can be. Beautifully made script and a wonderful cast; 7/10. Charlie Brooker, thanks to season 3, I’m in awe of your work. #Genius.

The OA (Review)

Creator; Zal Batmanglij, Brit Marling
Mystery, Fantasy, Drama
Season 1 on Netflix.

The OA crawled underneath my skin from the very first episode and stayed inside of me until the very end. It had me hooked, addicted, and captivated throughout the entire story, my soul practically yearning for more every time, every ending left me gasping for air and I was in awe by the beautifully haunting plot, script, and vision.

Each episode takes you on an incredible and magical journey, making you feel every emotion that us human posses deep inside of us. It makes you feel so strongly with such depth that you had no idea that you could feel so much for a character, let alone a TV-show.
The further into the story you get the more you fall in love with each persona. The more you find out about each and single one of them the more you understand them, the more you feel for them, and you keep praying everything will be solved by the end of it.
You wait patiently for the happy ending, but it keeps you on the edge wondering what till happen next.

The OA stole my heart from the beginning with its original script, dark vision, and acting by everyone involved. I’m more impatient than ever now waiting for the next season to see how it’ll develop, knowing it’ll leave me completely breathless as Season one did.

After being gone for seven years, Prairie (played by the fantastic Brit Marling) finally returns back home, though with a slight miracle.
She now has her sight back; one that had been taken away from her at a young age.
She gathers a group of five people and tells them her story, what she’s gone through. Is it a miracle? Or is she just crazy and dangerous? And will anyone believe her?

It is intelligent, deep, and stunningly made.
It’s easy to understand and follow through the switches between present and past. The way she goes back and tells her story are flawlessly smooth, making it very easy for you to keep up.

Strongly recommended, I binged watched the entire first season in one sitting and couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Too beautiful and well done to ignore, 8,5/10 Huge props to the entire cast, crew, and Netflix!

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (Review)

mv5bodm1otk4mdy2m15bml5banbnxkftztgwotewnzczmdi-_v1_sy1000_cr006741000_al_Writer; Amy Sherman-Palladino
Mini series
On Netflix!

My heart is shattered, all over the floor… what the fudge happened?
Gilmore Girls was one of my favorites when growing up, I remember it as if it were yesterday. I would waltz right through the door, dropping my bag filled with homework by the hall, and get comfortable while waiting for an episode to start.
It was my after-school routine, and nothing brought me that warm-fuzzy feeling on the inside as Gilmore Girls did. It was one of those shows that you maybe didn’t laugh out loud to through an entire episode, or maybe you did. The drama wasn’t over the top, no massive cliffhangers that left you on the edge, yet, it was entertaining and cozy. Gilmore Girls was cozy, and so, when I found out they were coming back, oh boy, it was one of the greatest news, and I couldn’t wait to feel that warm cozy feeling again… that is, until I watched an episode, and my brain went into hibernation for an hour and a half.

As the title, ”A year in the life,” the mini-series is split into four seasons.
In season 1 – Winter, we are once again being greeted with not only the charming town of Stars Hollow but also with our lovable characters that we remember so well.
We welcome back the Gilmore trio, Emily, Lorelai, and Rory. Sadly, one great character that was dearly missed was Rory’s grandfather Richard Gilmore. Played the late Edward Herrmann, who passed away in 2014.

Now, back to the shattering of my heart. Let’s start off with the show in general; it seemed like it was more of a play set on stage than anything else.
The way they moved around, acted, and talked was painful to watch. It also seemed as if they for some unknown reason had forgotten how to properly act.
The script was one of the dullest ones ever, the lines were just as dry as the Zahara dessert, and on each attempted jokes, I swear I heard crickets in the background.
The storyline was just as boring, I was strongly forcing myself to continue finishing it, thinking, and deeply praying that maybe by some miraculous reason, it would take speed, and become better… it didn’t.

I have no idea what happened, the idea was there, and I was thrilled that they were back, but this was not only a disappointment to all Gilmore Girls around the globe but also an insult to the Gilmore girls show back in the day. 2/10
If you, like myself were a fan of the show, I suggest you stay away from this and keep treasured the good old times of Gilmore Girls, and leave it at that.


Suits (Review)

mv5bmtk1mjyzotu2nl5bml5banbnxkftztgwmzaxmtg5mte-_v1_Creator; Aaron Korsh
From 2011
Season 7 starts 2017

For quite some time have I practically been ignoring the ones around me, urging me to start watching Suits. I felt as I was too busy with work and the other series I was following at the time. It wasn’t until not too long that I made a deal with my older brother who’s a big fan (seen the entire show 3 times) who said that if I started watching Suits, he’d watch one of my favorites, White Collar.

After reading some reviews online, most of them mentioning that ”if you enjoyed White Collar, you’ll love Suits.” And since WC was my life when it came out, and my soul went into billion pieces when it ended, I thought that something similar would be the perfect cure for my broken heart that was missing that type of vibe. So I prepared myself a cup of tea, brought out my Mac and snuggled down in bed, playing the very first episode.

… and WOW. As my brother promised said I would, I was hooked from the very beginning, the pilot was enough to get me completely addicted and four days later had I managed to binge-watch till season 4. I have two seasons left that I am starting with tonight, and it just gets better and better. Some series tends to make you lose your interest by season 3 or 4, but Suits keeps delivering one hell of a ride, episode after episode.

Your eyes fully glued to the screen, unable to look away or press pause. Great cliffhangers, forcing you to make it to the next episode, totally forgetting and ignoring the fact that you have to be up early for work.
I understand why it has been in some way compared to WC, the vision, the camera flow are similar, it plays out in New York, and the drama and humor are almost the same, yet different. Suits are about lawyers, and WC was with FBI agents. My absolute favorite part about White Collar was how the chemistry between Pete and Neal just radiated through, and it’s the same with Harvey and Mike. They shine together on each scene and I adore watching them, the entire show is light, never dull, and most times you’ll find yourself either smiling from ear to ear, laughing your ass off, or trying to solve whatever case that has landed on Harvey’s desk.
It’s fun, intelligent, and beautiful made.  

Mike Rose (Patrick J. Adams), a brilliant college-dropout is on the run from a drug deal gone bad, and as he seeks a place to hide, he ends up at the casting of Pearson Hardman, one of the top Law firms in the city.
Harvey Spector, (Gabriel Macht) is looking for a associate, and that is how these two meet. It all flows smoothly, except for one thing, the firm only hires people who have attended Harward and as their journey kicks off, they must now keep one big secret to themselves.
Strongly recommended! 10/10

SUITS -- "The Arrangement" Episode 301 -- Pictured: (l-r) Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter, Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross, Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/USA Network)

SUITS -- "Unfinished Business" Episode 303 -- Pictured: (l-r) Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross, Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/USA Network)

Power (Review)

MV5BOTA4NTkzMjUzOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzg5ODkxOTE@._V1_Creator; Courtney Kemp Agboh
50 minutes
Season 3 out now!

Where the hell have I been? Missing this beautiful masterpiece of a crime show?! I haven’t been this obsessed, hooked, in love, since Sons of Anarchy & White Collar. I binged watched the whole entire first season of POWER and I was drawn to it from the very first episode, even the first 20 minutes, that’s all it takes!
It’s dark, raw and the vision is stunning and enticing. The script is in its own league, with its own style and touch. There are plenty of crime shows out there, but though they might be good, they tend to be flat with no soul. POWER is heartfelt, thrilling and sexy at the same time.
When watching it, there’s this satisfying thrill crawling up my spine in the most pleasurable way ever, it has on you the edge and they’ve made the characters lovable despite their persona in the show.

It invites you to continue watching because it’s deep, interesting and intelligent. It’s a show with massive twists and turns, unpredictable and no one’s ever safe.
Another beautiful thing is where it all plays out, they’ve highlighted the streets of New York, it’s practically a character itself. The way the camera shows the picture, the sensuality of it, the gentle camera switches between each and new scene, the flow is flawless.

James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick played by the talented and handsome Omari Hardwick, is a club owner and on the side? A kingpin with big dreams of taking over New York. His partner Tommy, played by the amazing, talented and hot after seeing him here, Joseph Sikora is practically his right hand, helping him in everything that needs to get done. Sikora’s character Tommy is phenomenal in every way and sense, his persona shines through each scene and I doubt the show would’ve been as great without him, he brings a certain feeling to the table, and he’s a joy to watch.
From his fun, sarcastic tone and lines, to him dealing with his girlfriend and to taking care of business. There’s never a dull moment with him around, he brings bliss to the screen with both his talent, and blue eyes that could make the ocean jealous.

A show I strongly recommend you start watching, you won’t regret it. It’s everything, from thrilling, intelligent and sexy! There’s great cliffhangers, different personalities and beautiful and powerful acting – a great ensemble. I cannot wait to see what the future brings and how it’ll develop, I’m more excited than ever to see where POWER will take us!
Lay back, relax and enjoy this masterpiece! 9,5/10

HUGE kudos to Hardwick, Sikora, 50 Cent & Naturi Naughton! What a talented group of beautiful people! Bless the creator behind this.


The last picture made me flip, I’ve only made it to season two and so I had no idea that this nugget would join the cast. I LOVE Jerry Ferrara, he was excellent in Entourage, so I’m excited to see what his character will bring to the show!

Melissa & Joey (review)

MV5BMTYwMzk2NTQ0NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDg3MDgyMDE@._V1_Creator; David Kendall & Bob Young
30 minutes – Comedy
4 Seasons
From 2010

Not too shabby, once you get passed the first five or so episodes, you’re completely hooked and even find yourself actually not only cracking a smile, but also laughing out loud.
It’s underrated, which saddens me because it’s one hell of a great entertaining warm comedy.

Joey (Joey Lawrence) gets hired as a nanny to Mel’s (Melissa Joan Hart) niece and nephew, whom she became legal guardian for after a huge political scandal her sister and brother in law was in.

There’s an amazing chemistry between Joey and Mel that just shines through the screen, theres a love/hate relationship between them two that is adorable and I’m truly loving seeing their relationship developing as each episode goes by.

I’ve caught myself cracking up several times, and actually enjoying every episode and story. It’s funny, warm and heartfelt. Simply a delightful show for the entire family that I recommend to watch on rainy days along side a nice cup of tea. 4,5/10

Supernatural (Review)

MV5BMTQ0Mzc1MzM4OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjUxOTg3NjE@._V1_Creator; Eric Kripke
44 minutes – From 2005
On season 11

I’ve had massive troubles sleeping at night, maybe it’s because I’m juggling four jobs at once at the moment and my brain has gone into overdrive. I’m so stressed at work, that even when I’m off and get home, I’m still up to speed, that my brain and body hasn’t received the message that I’m supposed to slow down. So instead of staring at the clear white ceiling, I decided to start watching something I haven’t had the time to check out, until now.

After looking around for my new potential drug, I decided to go with Supernatural. It was between that one or the Empire, but since I was craving something darker I went with Supernatural. Plus that Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are the main characters, making my decision quite simple. Not only great looking actors, but convincing as well.

Sam (Padalecki) and Dean (Ackles) two brothers following their fathers footsteps, being hunters of all things evil that falls into the supernatural category (hence the title)
From vampires, werwolves, to ghosts and demons and everything in between.
Each episode is a new case involving a different mystical creature, and it’s up to them to tackle these beings that are crossing their paths.

It’s dark, raw, sometimes tense and even scary yet in between the lines theres hidden humor, lighting up the situations in some cases. It’s entertaining and interesting at once, it’s deep and intelligent. Strongly recommended! 8,3/10