Comic Con 2016



My soul is shattered, what a disappointment. It feels like it keeps getting worse by each year that goes by. The last one that I went to was rather decent, which was in 2014. Comparing 2014’s to this year is almost painful. I felt as it was more collective items and more merch to buy back then, more booth’s with fun stuff.
I was on the hunt for a nice Superman mug and NOTHING. I saw one in blue with the Superman logo and that was practically it. I obviously I wanted something with Cavill’s face on it.
It was some here and there, but not a lot. Mostly gaming stations.

The vibe was just different, the atmosphere was quite dull and not as hyped as it tends to be. Their loosing their thing, I think they should go a little bit bigger next time and bring bigger actors and actresses. Go Big, or Go Home right?

As far as gaming goes, my friend that I went with who’s a gamer was quite disappointed in the turn out, not so much excitement, not a lot to see, and you could see everything in  almost 1h, or even less.

I hope next years will be much better and bigger! More stuff, I want to buy things with cool logos and prints! Don’t break my heart Comic Con – Stockholm, I’m still rooting for you to grow!

A dream would be to attend the one in San Diego! #bucketlist