Feed (review)

Director; Tommy Bertelsen
1h 35 minutes

Troian Bellisario, (mostly known as Spencer from the hit TV-show Pretty Little Liars) debut as a screenwriter is nothing less than beautiful, dark, and bringing the depth and struggles of mental illness and eating disorders into the light.
Truly showcasing how it feels like and our wars with the demons within, the ones making themselves present when going through some sort of post traumatic stress.

Bellisario and Tom Felton starts together in this grasping script of two twins that live in a world of privilege and pure perfection, but once a tragedy splits them apart, she must now try to cope without him – leading her toward the path of anorexia and mental instability.

It’s a brilliant writing about topics that tend to be a taboo. It’s relatable, intellectual, and deep with a twist.
It will crawl underneath your skin and grab you, completely shake you up from the very core and give you a whole new outlook regarding people all around the globe dealing with this type of diseases on a daily basis. 7.7/10

Bellisario and the rest of the cast and crew did a phenomenal job delivering this.