Happy Together (Review)

Creators; Austen Earl & Tim McAuliffe
30 minutes
Season 1

A charming and decent sit-com, noting more, nothing less. Though dated humor, it becomes quite laughable from episode to episode, delivered few smiles but that is pretty much it. It’s not great, but it ain’t that shabby. I had it in the background while cooking and it brought a sense of cozyness and calm to the atmosphere around me.

A mondane couple that spends their free time mostly staying at home watching Netflix, has a change of environment and routine when the megastar Cooper decides to crash at their place.

It’s an OKAY show, the usual sit-com with the audience laughters in the back, doubt it’ll last that long or even that it’ll even get renewed, but for the sake of the fanbase it’s gathered due to Damon Wayans Jr., I hope it does. 3/10