Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Press-screening review)

Director; Matthew Vaughn
2h 20 minutes
Swedish premiere; September 22th

A messy spy-movie that tries to live up to the class and eloquence of the iconic Bond films. Why people have put these two in the same sentence is beyond me, because Kingsman lacked a solid plot, script, and thought they could compensate it by having A-list actors and actresses star in it.

In the sequel to the movie that came out in 2014, we hop on once again on a speed full ride alongside Eggsy (Taron Egerton) as he tries to the save the world, though this time he teams up with another agent played by Channing Tatum.
When Kingsman headquarters are being destroyed by the evil and insane villain that is Poppy (Julianne Moore), elite agents from Kingsman must now strap up for a mission to defeat her and her plans.

First of all, though the vision was rather beautiful, great effects, it became too much. Certain action sequences were dragged out, ending up in the entire movie being two hours and twenty minutes long, you get impatient toward the end, not sitting comfortably on your seat and you end up twisting and turning, praying for the movie to come to an end.

I found the plot to be lame, almost idiotic as it tries so hard to come off as ”badass” but ends up being ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, if you legit have nothing else to watch and enjoyed the first one, then sure, you might find this one entertaining but it’s not something I would personally recommend.
It’s mostly for kids, who will go home after seeing it and pretend they’re agents themselves as they run around their homes, jumping around, and imagining the floor is lava as they attempt to avoid it and save the world from whatever disaster they’ve made up. 4.9/10