Le favoris

1. St. Tropez Plus, a gradual self-tan that also tones, firms & moisturise.
One of my absolute favorites, the entire collection from St. Tropez is amazing and probably one of the best self-tan products out there. The benefits about PLUS is that besides giving you a sun-kissed glow you also get a tone and even finish. There is no awful scent and it moisturise at the same time so your skin will never dry out and always look fresh!

2. St. Tropez – Gradual Tan medium/dark.
What I love about the gradual one is that you can choose whether you want a dark tan or just a nice looking summer glow. It all depends on how much you put on, and it doesn’t leave any marks or stains nor smell!

3. St. Tropez Prep & Maintain lotion.
Besides collaborating with any of the gradual self-tans, it leaves the skin feeling velvety smooth and soft and helps the tan to look even and fade away evenly as well. A must under any self-tans.

4. Make Up Store – Facial mudmask.
This one has changed my life! Sure I have thankfully never had any sort of skin problems, but every now and then I enjoy pampering myself with a home made spa and that is when this little gem comes in handy. I leave it on for around 20-30 minutes and then wash it off, leaving my face soft as a feather, cleansed and free from any types of skin dirt.

5. Make Up Store – Milk face scrub.
This one is perfect for when you are about to use any self tanners on your face and body, it’s a mildly scrub that you rub in and it’ll get rid of dead skin cells that tends to ruin your even finish when using self-tanners. It gets into the depth of your pores and leaves your face feeling like a baby’s bottom!

6. Balmain silk perfume.
My MUST HAVE and favorite hair product! After straightening, curling or whatever do I’ve done, for the perfect finish I spray this precious heaven in a bottle on and it gives the hair an amazing fluff and glow and the bonus? The enticingly amazing scent!


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