Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Press-screening review)

Director; Matthew Vaughn
2h 20 minutes
Swedish premiere; September 22th

A messy spy-movie that tries to live up to the class and eloquence of the iconic Bond films. Why people have put these two in the same sentence is beyond me, because Kingsman lacked a solid plot, script, and thought they could compensate it by having A-list actors and actresses star in it.

In the sequel to the movie that came out in 2014, we hop on once again on a speed full ride alongside Eggsy (Taron Egerton) as he tries to the save the world, though this time he teams up with another agent played by Channing Tatum.
When Kingsman headquarters are being destroyed by the evil and insane villain that is Poppy (Julianne Moore), elite agents from Kingsman must now strap up for a mission to defeat her and her plans.

First of all, though the vision was rather beautiful, great effects, it became too much. Certain action sequences were dragged out, ending up in the entire movie being two hours and twenty minutes long, you get impatient toward the end, not sitting comfortably on your seat and you end up twisting and turning, praying for the movie to come to an end.

I found the plot to be lame, almost idiotic as it tries so hard to come off as ”badass” but ends up being ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, if you legit have nothing else to watch and enjoyed the first one, then sure, you might find this one entertaining but it’s not something I would personally recommend.
It’s mostly for kids, who will go home after seeing it and pretend they’re agents themselves as they run around their homes, jumping around, and imagining the floor is lava as they attempt to avoid it and save the world from whatever disaster they’ve made up. 4.9/10

Elle (Bluray review)

Director; Paul Verhoeven
2h 10 minutes
Out on Bluray!

Though I from time to time can enjoy a French film, The Intouchables, Blue is the warmest color, La belle et la Bete (French version of Beauty and the Beast), I couldn’t find myself to be the slightly intrigued by this one, Elle. It didn’t grab me at all, I wasn’t hooked nor remotely interested to find out more and get into the depth of the story. Must say, it was a huge disappointment considering all the rave it got, but it wasn’t my cup of tea.

Elle, a businesswoman tries to track down the man that assaulted and raped her in her own home.

First of all, for this type of genre, over two hours is too much, especially when it’s filled with unnecessary dull scenes and moments that could’ve been cut from the final production. Second, I found the character to be too nonchalant about what she had gone through when telling her friends – like she didn’t acknowledge the weight of her horrific experience.

To be frank, it was boring. I yawned several times throughout as it oh so slowly tries to develop but nothing barely happens, it takes a while, and that just made me quickly lose interest. 3/10

Bluray extras;
Celebrating an Icon.
A tale of empowerment: Making Elle.

Comic Con 2017

Sadly, this year’s Comic-Con, though a huge improvement since the last ones that I’ve attended, I couldn’t appreciate it since my head and soul was somewhere far away, completely distracted, unable to enjoy the moment.
I was too distracted to pay attention to everything that was going on around me which was heart-shattering. I’ve been feeling somewhat under the weather lately, and I couldn’t let it go, making me almost mad that it was taking over – making me unable to have fun during what tends to be a joy for me.

Though as mentioned, not being a gamer, I simply love being in the atmosphere of those who do. The vibe is as close to blissful as one can get, seeing souls wandering around in costumes, expressing themselves beautifully, talented artist showcasing their work, cool items, to Q&A with stars such as Pamela Anderson. Cobie Smulders, and Ian Glen.

I will continue to attend, and hopefully, I’ll be in a better mood during the next one.
Props to everyone involved, until next year, much love.

P.S. On my Instagram @beautymartinez, you’ll find short snippets of Pamela Andersson, and I only posted videos of Cobie on my story.

GameStop Expo 2017 Conference.

Got the pleasure to attend a conference held by GameStop, a pre-showing of the latest games news for the media only.
Though I might not be the best one to judge or write a review since I’m not a gamer myself, however, I did find it fascinating once being there, looking at games, and listening to them explain and talk about it.
It truly catches my attention watching this whole world come to life by today’s technology and someone’s creativity. Besides that, also what strikes me like thunder is the beautiful details of the design of each game. It grabs you, and suddenly you somehow find it in you to understand the ones who play on a daily basis. I guess in a way, it’s an escape, the same books are to me, or movies and music are to someone else.

Thank you for the invite, truly appreciated.

It (press screening review)

Director; Andy Muschietti
2h 15 minutes
Swedish premiere; September 13th

Andy Muschietti has truly outdone himself in this remarkable remake, the horror classic from the 90’s based on one of Stephen King’s novels, It. A film for this, and future generations to enjoy and be a part of.

The movie is an extraordinary tribute to not only the original, but also to the writer behind the story as well. The eye for every detail in every moment does not go unnoticed, from the vision, sound, to script – from beginning to end, it’s simply flawless.
You’ll have the creeps crawling through every nerve of yours just by seeing the credits, the melodic yet unpleasant soundtrack of children softly singing, the gray and rainy day, to the performance of every single actor involved.

I wouldn’t call it a hardcore-hands-down horror film, but the thrill and suspense is there, and it wasn’t so much ”jump-in-your-face” type of scenes, but tension, shadows, and sound building up and the atmosphere that delivered that great scary touch to it, along side with the amazing work from the makeup and costume department when it came to Pennywise (the clown), and the other ”monster” like characters.

The actors, who were mostly children, were brilliant, truly phenomenal in every aspect of their act.
One that is already such a talent, is Finn Wolfhard. You might recognize him from the amazing hit tv-show Stranger Things that is streaming on Netflix. Oh Lord, what a joy it is to observe and listen to him, I don’t care how young he is, I literally want to be friends with him, he’s definitely the coolest kid on the block!

Another one that blew me away, (well they all did), but especially, was Jack Dylan Grazer. I don’t know if it was his role, the outfit, but he literally reminded me of Steve Carell in a mini version. He was fantastic. They were all amazing, probably more talented than most grown up actors to be honest.
Superb job from the entire cast and crew. It was a perfect cocktail of drama, horror elements with a dash of comedy thanks to the epic comebacks the kids had for each other. 9/10 And applause to our Swedish actor for giving such classic character justice with his supreme act.

Sleight (press screening review)

Director; J.D. Dillard
1h 30 minutes
Swedish premiere; September 8th.

I am at loss for words, wondering what went wrong and how to even write this review. It wasn’t as bad as some claims, but it wasn’t great. From the beginning, they managed to build up this incredible story only for its climax to be a massive disappointment once you got there. Besides being quite predictable and you can somewhat put the pieces together and create the ending before even getting there, it has some entertainment along the way.

Bo (Jacob Latimore), who has lost both his parents at a young age, turns to the streets to make a living so he’s able to take care of himself and his younger sibling, Tina. What might have looked like the perfect gig, turns slowly into a nightmare he desperately tries to get away from.

It had such potential to be a thrilling film about the life on the streets, the struggles to provide, wrong crowds, etc, but it just got messy and frustrating once he tried to get out. He suddenly came off as a dumb character who didn’t put much thought into his plan.

The acting however from the entire cast was great, Latimore was a natural, his gestures and expression were sensual, almost angelic in the way he performed. Grabbing your full attention and interest with his softness. The movie is not something I would personally recommend, nor would check out twice, but for a dull night to kill some time, it’ll do. 5/10

Raw (Bluray review)

Director; Julia Ducournau
1h 39 minutes
Out on Bluray!

Though the film is listed under horror, I felt that drama with a touch of suspense was more suitable for the script that literally crawled underneath my skin with its crude and beautifully twisted vision. Like the title itself, it is raw to the core – I had to several times look away from the graphic pictures that turned all of my organs into a knot, praying that it would soon go away – and this is coming from someone who eats during the Saw movies.

Being someone who doesn’t eat any sort of animal meat, much like Justine (Garance Marillier), I could somewhat relate to her throughout her journey in the beginning of the movie.

When Justine, a vegetarian since birth undergoes a carnivorous hazing ritual at a vet school, forcing her to eat a rabbit’s kidney, suddenly something strange starts developing inside of her system, creating an itch for blood and meat.

The story plays out in France, with an ensemble of great French actors and actresses. The movie definitely gets your mind spinning, my head was going insane throughout the movie, wondering if something even remotely similar would ever happen to someone who suddenly gets a form of raw animal product into their system after having stayed away from it for so long?
I haven’t had animal meat in almost ten years, that is almost a whole decade, and though right now I could never see myself ever going anywhere near any form of meat, I do am curious to how I would react if ever having a taste? I highly doubt I’ll eat a human finger like Justine, but it must do something to your psyche? Gotta look into it.

The movie is raw with a whole lot of tension. 6/10

Fast 8 (Bluray review)

Director; F. Gary Gray
2h 16 minutes

The action-packed franchise never fails to bring some highly entertaining visions filled with stunning views over gorgeous countries and cities, beautiful cars, great effects and on top of the cherry add some humor and a fantastic ensemble.
Though amazing, you could still feel one missing piece of the puzzle, one soul that was taken away far too soon, Paul Walker.
You definitely miss the bond and connection that Dom and Brian had, the one that radiated through each scene they had together in all the previous films. And even though he wasn’t there, he was in spirit.
They still managed to beautifully remember him by naming a special little new member after him.

One thing I truly adore about these films is the powerful loyalty that is practically a character itself, a massive depth between all of them, there is so much heart and emotions that you usually don’t expect nor see in movies in this genre.
It brings something extra to not only the plot but to the entire movie in general. If you’re not a fan of high-speed-action-packed movies, you can still enjoy the other amazing qualities and message it delivers. Such as love, family, and to fully enjoy life. The music alone is also such importance, it makes the movie ten times better. They keep bringing these epic tracks that I continue to listen to even after the movie.

Though great films, and you can see how it keeps becoming better and better, you do get kind of fed up, especially now by the 8th installment.
Because in the end, it’s some weak story and the cast gets a super bad-ass car and you see them in a high-speed racing through some city with some cool music in the background to make it seem and have you believe it’s the dopest sh*t ever.
However, this time, they put the Fast and Furious family into some serious test of loyalty and trust, a game of betrayal that will shake the solid ground they’ve built through each film.

Though they spiced it up this time, surely to keep the audience interested after so many years, it’s still predictable. I won’t get into specifics (due to not spoiling it completely) but I would’ve loved some insane massive turn of events, something so far off that no one saw it coming.
Though again, it wouldn’t be the strong loving effect that it has now if something truly ugly happened. Because it’s the very ending that sums up everything and gives that warm fuzzy feeling and smile on your face. Because who doesn’t love a happy ending?
No matter what, I still enjoyed it, I still loved it, and I’m still hyped to see the next one.

6.5/10 If you’ve seen the previous ones, obviously you must continue and strap up and enjoy the ride of epic explosions, dope cars, and awesome fight scenes!

Kudos to the entire cast and crew! Plus, to see Dwayne, Vin, and Statham in one movie doesn’t get any better! L.O.V.E.
– Now, hurry up and bring me Fast 9! The future of the furious? :D and end it with Fast 10; The ending of the Furious! You’re welcome.

Bluray extras;
The Cuban Spirit.
In the family.
Car culture.
All about the stunts.
Extended fight scenes.
Feature commentary with Director F. Gary Gray