Sandro Botticelli

Those around me can agree on one thing regarding me, my obsession with all things Italian. From Italy, the country itself to everything from art, food, and music. My love for Italy began many years ago when I picked up a copy of one of the world’s literary masterpieces and classics – The Divine Comedy by Dante, as my love and admiration for the writer and poet blossomed, I became interested in the city where he was born, Florence. And soon, Florence had many artists that stole a piece of my heart that I was sure had reached full capacity with Dante and his city alone.

I discovered many other talents, and one that stuck was Botticelli. His work took me by storm, and I was left in awe as I was staring at his pieces in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. The feminine figures, the depth and beauty his work radiates and possesses, to the soulful and heartfelt sensational stroke of each brush and color.

This particular piece is Primavera – 1482, that shows a woman in the center, Venus. Surrounded by spring and arriving flowers.

Bought in Uffizi’s gift shop during my Florence – Italy trip in 2014.