Second Act (review)

Director; Peter Segal
1h 43 minutes
From; January 4th

Peter Segal gives us a sweet, charming, and a quite lovely film, nothing more, and nothing less.
I wouldn’t call it ”comedy” per-say, I don’t recall laughing once nor even so much as cracking half a smile, yet, it was heartwarming.
A semi-predictable script with a fantastic cast.

I cannot help but become completely smitten by Jennifer Lopez whenever I see her, she is most certainly a girl crush of mine. I simply adore her, she has an essence of charm and beauty that radiates through the screen that is quite impossible to ignore. However, I feel like she isn’t reaching her full potential with scripts and movies like this one. She can do so much more, yet here we are.

Maya, a 40-something woman without any fancy educations decides to reinvent her life and wants to show what street-smarts can do.
After 15-years at the same place as a store worker, she gets a call from a big brand wanting to take her in as a consult, little does she know that the reason behind that position is because of a decision she made when she was 16 and is now coming face to face with a special someone she never thought she would ever see again.

It’s a cute movie, definitely worth your time. 5/10