Sleight (press screening review)

Director; J.D. Dillard
1h 30 minutes
Swedish premiere; September 8th.

I am at loss for words, wondering what went wrong and how to even write this review. It wasn’t as bad as some claims, but it wasn’t great. From the beginning, they managed to build up this incredible story only for its climax to be a massive disappointment once you got there. Besides being quite predictable and you can somewhat put the pieces together and create the ending before even getting there, it has some entertainment along the way.

Bo (Jacob Latimore), who has lost both his parents at a young age, turns to the streets to make a living so he’s able to take care of himself and his younger sibling, Tina. What might have looked like the perfect gig, turns slowly into a nightmare he desperately tries to get away from.

It had such potential to be a thrilling film about the life on the streets, the struggles to provide, wrong crowds, etc, but it just got messy and frustrating once he tried to get out. He suddenly came off as a dumb character who didn’t put much thought into his plan.

The acting however from the entire cast was great, Latimore was a natural, his gestures and expression were sensual, almost angelic in the way he performed. Grabbing your full attention and interest with his softness. The movie is not something I would personally recommend, nor would check out twice, but for a dull night to kill some time, it’ll do. 5/10