Spider-Man: Far from Home (Bluray review)

Director; Jon Watts
2h 9 minutes
Copy provided by Sony Home

Yes! Yes! And YES! Tom Holland has truly made this Marvel character his own, with his boyish charm and radiant charisma, the actor has delivered besides a fantastic performance, an outstanding new take and fresh look on the spidey we all know so well by now thanks to the beloved comics.

Besides a grim villain and an entertaining plot, this story was exactly what we needed after Avengers – Endgame. It’s fun, fast-paced, and with its great visual, sound, and acting, the movie is definitely worth your time, especially if you’re a Marvel fan.

The witty writing overshadowed the somewhat small cliches moments that came up every now and then, you only notice them by paying attention, and not something that’ll ruin the script or effects – a brilliant installment to the franchise.

Following the tragic events after Endgame, Peter Park (Holland) must on his own face the new threats threating his world, all while balancing school and love. 7/10

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