Spider-man Homecoming (Bluray review)

Director; Jon Watts
2h 13 minutes
Out on Bluray

An insult to Spider-man fans all around the globe and previous films. Marvel has practically self-sabotaged it for themselves with this film. I’m questioning how on earth no one on the crew said something before releasing it?

I enjoyed the previous Spider-man movies, going way back to when Tobey Maguire played Peter Parker, a student who got bitten by a radioactive spider that completely changed his life. The story itself was something I liked, had fun times watching, and it was a fantastic cinematic experience between the visuals of beautiful New York, skyscrapers, and being part of his everyday life struggle of being a normal kid and a superhero.

Marvel itself had brought us some really good work throughout the years, some better than others but always equally entertaining, heartfelt, with some great CGI that would leave you in a trance of amazing effects and theater experience, sitting on your seat in a total bliss of the beauty that is today’s technology.

Peter Parker played by the new face of Spider-man (Tom Holland) tries to balance a life between school and being an intern for Tony Stark aka Iron Man. When Tony doesn’t see his potential, all frustrated, Peter takes on the street crimes all alone to prove himself as a superhero.

It wasn’t all terrible, Tom Holland makes a quite decent Spider-Man. What actually caught my attention was his innocent and sweet voice, and though his acting is good the plot was just dull and so was the visual, nothing extraordinary.
One role or character that was unnecessary and a complete waste was Michelle, played by Zendaya.
I wonder if they used most of the budget to hire her that it ended up with them not having enough for the actual production and to hire better CGI guys that would do a much better work.
I cannot for the life of me figure out what was the actual point of having her? Maybe it was because of her large following, to attract more people to watch the movie? But if that was the case, they could’ve given her a better role with more meaning.

Don’t waste your time. Stick to re-watching the old Spidey movies and skip this one. 3.1/10

Deleted scenes and extended scenes.
Cast Gag Reel.
The Spidey study guide: A pop-up factoid track.
Unseen alternative Captain America PSAs.
Aftermath: Filmmakers bridge the gap from the battle of New York.
A tangled web: Spider-man’s integration into the Marvel universe.
And more.

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