The Lion King (Review)

Director; Jon Favreau
Live Action/Adventure
1h 58 minutes
From July 2019

In awe of this beautiful live-action remake, brought to you from the classic that came out in 94. My eyes started watering up at the very beginning before the title even showed up, the sound and image alone brought me back to my childhood, and that was worth every single penny. Every shot is stunning, and just seeing these lovable characters all over again brought joy to my soul – from the hilarious Timon and Pumbaa, to Zazu and the greatest of it all, that it stayed true to the original and for that, I’m so thankful.

If you’ve seen the Disney version from 94 then you are more than familiar with the story and plot, that does not change besides a few minor changes here and there. The heart and soul of this story radiates through every moment, and your entire being chants with the glory of enthusiasm when the songs comes on. The ache and sorrow this movie posses is also there, and so is the beauty, love, and friendship. It is a fantastic movie to relive the amazing roller coaster of emotions, strongly recommended for the whole family to enjoy. Kudos to the entire cast behind this gorgeous work of motion picture. 9/10

Annabelle Comes Home (press screening review)

Director; Gary Dauberman
1h 46 minutes
Swedish premiere; June 26th

What a flop – I must say, I was quite disappointed by the end of what seems to be the last installment to the story behind the possessed doll. I expected something better and bigger, a final goodbye to the previous highly exquisitely horror films.

I would not stretch this so far and call it a horror film, more of a thriller with aspects and nuances of horror, it’s solid at best. The previous ones had more of a ”case”, a reason behind the darkness, the entities, here it was just pure stupidity that brought them to face the spirits of Anabelle.
It was extremely predictable, it had all the cliches you’re sick and tired of hearing such as ”don’t go in there”, ”don’t touch that”, ”don’t open the door”, etc. You could predict the ending right after 15 minutes.
It was just frustrations, plain and simple.

Some slight jumps scenes and the essence of Lorraine and Ed Warren was left in the air since they barely were in the movie, it revolved solely on their daughter, the babysitter, and her friend. The well-known couple had 10 minutes of screen time before leaving the torch, praying, and knowledge over to their young Judy, played by a phenomenal lil’ star named Mckenna Grace.

Besides her acting, the rest of the movie was dull, so was the visual and sound + personally, I believe that if David F. Sandberg came back directing this one as he was the director to the second which was Annabelle – Creation, it might’ve turned out better. 4/10

Godzilla II: King of the Monsters (press-screening review)

Director; Michael Dougherty
2h 11 minutes
Swedish Premiere; May 29th

Where do I begin? First and foremost, hand on my heart, I did only watch it because of Millie Bobby Brown. I mean, show me a cooler gal in today’s business, in her age. I’ll wait.
Exactly, there ain’t none – after Stranger Things, I became an immense fan of not only her many talents (the girl is an exceptional singer and rapper) but her personality that is a delight, one that shines through the screen on every interview.

Godzilla 2 bored me to sleep, no joke. It was a snoozing fest from my part because I did actually snooze off somewhere in the middle, it was too dark and too loud. 90% of the film was practically just everyone screaming and explosions, also, it felt like most scenes were shot at midnight.

It simply wasn’t the cinematic experience that I expected, considering it is a movie about giant monsters you’d think there be some entertainment, a real roller coaster but everything was faded by the over-the-top CGI and again, the screams and smoke from the explosions, dragged out scenes and that it was too dark in the sense of visual.
However, I did enjoy not only the acting, but it felt like the film had two plots that collided by the end into one story – a little refreshing to be honest.
I would personally not recommend it, nor watch it again. 4/10

Aladdin (Press-screening review)

Director; Guy Ritchie
2h 8 minutes
Disney Live Action/Adventure/Family
Swedish premiere; May 22end

The middle eastern tale brought from the Thousand and a night saga – one who inspired the Disney animated version that came out in 92.
Now, several years later, we get to once again rediscover magic carpets, genies, and forbidden love.
Aladdin, the story about two completely different worlds colliding into one – a street boy and an Arabian princess who can only marry a prince. Despite their faith, they meet and change the written rules, proving once again that love does conquer all.

I had my doubts on how they would live up to the phenomenal classic from 92, though pleasantly surprised by the end of the film, I was still somewhat disappointed, not fully satisfied with what they delivered.

The visual deserves all the cred. I was charmed by the colors, the costumes, and set – in awe of the beauty and depth of the Middle Eastern vibes.
I enjoyed the new song Speechless performed by Naomi Scott who portrayed Jasmine, such sensational voice, however, not truly fitting for the role. Jasmine is an Arabian girl, and Scott didn’t fully represent it. Mena Massoud, playing Aladdin was what surprised me the most, I wasn’t sure when seeing the trailer, but as I was eased into the film, the more I saw him in the role, the more I liked and accepted him as the character.

And, though I didn’t buy Will Smith as the genie, I do get why he was cast.
The genie is an over the top character, there are no boundaries for him and there has to be someone who can basically take such persona and exaggerate, and not many in today’s business can do that. Besides, Robin Williams did leave some pretty huge shoes to fill.
I do wonder though if they could’ve worked with an animated version of the genie (same look as the Disney version perhaps) as a tribute to Robin yet Will doing the voice? I don’t know, but it was just wrong. Maybe Jim Carrey? He got some great face expressions.
Mark Hamill, even Bill Hader would be a better fit.
The rap gave me chills, the movements in Prince Ali had my inner child cringing – even now remembering and thinking back.
And some scenes were brutally messed up when moved up in speed, it was more like the camera jumped rather than it being planned and part of the movie.
Also, whoever was the brain behind casting Marwan Kenzari as Jafar was too far off, not knowing what they were doing. It was just awful, nothing, nada, close to the original.

What I did love, was the A whole new world scene.
I mean, that brought some memories and I was floating on cloud 9 – dreaming, completely blissful and enchanted as they swept off on a magic carpet ride under the stars above waters, singing together one of Disney most romantic and recognizable songs – and staying authentic to the original was the most fantastic part of it all.

In conclusion, it wasn’t great nor bad. Would I recommend it? Sure. Would I watch it twice? Probably not. 6,9/10
Now, let’s see what The Lion King will be like and I’m eagerly waiting to see who’ll be cast in the live action film of The Little Mermaid, one of my favorites, so they better not butcher it!

Extremely wicked shockingly vile

Director; Joe Berlinger
1h 50 minutes
Out on Netflix.

Efron is brilliantly convincing as Ted Bundy, portraying someone who is a savage, manipulative and one expectational liar. From beginning to end, the movie truly captures your soul and never lets it go, grabs ahold of you entirely and you’re trapped under this spell of fantastic acting, great visual, and a gruesome story – one based on real events.

Personally, look wise they didn’t match at all – if you compare both Bundy and Efron. Based sole on Bundy’s description as a handsome man and a charming character that had it easy with the ladies, then I totally get casting Efron. And though the look wasn’t there, Efron made up with one exceptional performance among side one great ensemble.

The script is quite fast paced which is what I enjoyed the most, it doesn’t start off dull nor does it become it either – they get right to the point, and there wasn’t any unnecessary dragged out scenes, which made the movie a whole lot more enjoyable.
The visuals of the late ’70s were beautifully shown and so was the costumes, sets, and locations.

If you’ve heard the story you already know the plot, about a serial-killer who practically lived two lives – having everyone around him convinced he wasn’t this dark, twisted, and insane monster capable of the horrid things he was being accused of, though he later admitted to 30 murders and the youngest victim was only 12, Kimberly Leach.

It’s despicable, reading it and not being able to wrap your head around how someone can be this mentally ill, and then seeing it being played in front of you on the screen, yet, you can’t help but to watch and be fascinated at the same time how the brain of a psychopath is wired. Doing this on one side, and living as a loving husband and father on the other.

Overall, an entertaining movie for the interested one. 6/10

The Upside (Bluray review)

Director; Neil Burger
2h 6 minutes
From January 11th 2019

Copy provided by Sony HOME

I’m not going to compare it to the classic, ”will become historic”, and charismatic French version, that would be cruel to the crew behind this American version, and after all, they still deserve cred for not only trying but actually managing to still deliver a heartwarming and somewhat entertaining film, nonetheless.

If you’ve seen the original then you are more than familiar with the story and plot, the only difference is basically the language.
The movie is based on a true story and an unlikely yet amazing friendship between two different worlds of people, a wealthy man with quadriplegia and an unemployed man from the darker side of town.
They bark on a journey, and it becomes a roller coaster of laughter, frustration, tears, and love, all wrapped into one soul-sweetened script.

I’d recommend the original version, all the days of the week, But, don’t judge this one too quickly, even though I didn’t truly buy Kevin Hart in this sort of role, he’s still a brilliant actor. 6/10

Deleted scenes
Gag reel

What men want (Review)

Director; Adam Shankman
1h 57 minutes
From; February 8th

If you think you are gonna get the charming, charismatic, entertaining film from 2000 featuring Mel Gibson yet from a females point of view – you are in for a disappointment.
I truly enjoyed What women want, and miss those types of scripts and films, so I was beyond thrilled when seeing the trailer to What men want, figured it’d be equally fun and cute, but I just ended up wasting 2 hours of my life, and wondering why movies like these are still being created.

The basis is the same, the ability to hear thoughts. But instead of a man being able to get inside the head of a woman, here, a woman gets inside the head of a man.
Ali Davis (Henson) works at a male-dominated environment and one day during a frustration, trying to understand men, she has a tarot reading, hits her head afterward and suddenly starts hearing what all the men want, what first seems like a nightmare she slowly sees as a blessing and to her advantage.

The script was poorly written, dull, and zero humor which overshadows Taraji P. Henson phenomenal talent as an actress, she’s always fantastic, I mean, Cookie Lyon must be one of the greatest character ever created and written and she nails it perfectly with both finesse and brilliance, but here she shines away due to the bad film. 3/10 And that is only because of her work, besides that, don’t waste your time,