Pacific Rim: Uprising (Press screening review)

Director; Steven S. DeKnight
1h 51 minutes
Swedish premiere; March 23rd

Pacific Rim: Uprising is a blend of Transformers meets Alien, with a splash of Enders Game from 2013.
A cocktail of cities getting destroyed, futuristic technology, giant robots, and kids, a new generation being recruited to become Jaeger pilots.

Jake Pentecost, son of Stacker Pentecost played by John Boyega, mostly known for his role as Finn in the latest Star Wars installment, reunites with Mako and join forces with his former rival Lambert, played by Scott Eastwood to dive into battle and save the world from a new Kaiju threat.

There was no depth nor soul, it felt flat throughout until it reaches the ending, and not even then does it deliver with an epic closing, besides the predictable and obvious end that was bound to happen and easy to figure out due to previous similar films.

It tried desperately to come off as lighthearted at times, and to make the audience laugh or at least smile but failed miserably.
It felt forced. Let’s take the first Transformers as an example, the humor came naturally to Sam Witwicky and Agent Simmons played by Shia Labeouf and John Turturro, even the second and third film delivered some really good laughing moments that you felt in your core, making the entire theater crack up and shed a tear of joy. Here, I practically cringed.

The vision wasn’t spectacular, the shades ended up being dull, grey, and slightly average. The cinematic experience felt almost jacked from a Michael Bay action flick, and the music was pretty much none-excisting.
Not my cup of tea and I highly doubt it’ll become a huge blockbuster, however, did you enjoy the first one, then I am certain you’ll have a good time during the sequel. 5,5/10

The Great Wall (Review)

Director; Yimou Zhang
1h 43 minutes
Swedish premiere; February 17th

A visual blessing for sore eyes from beginning to end. With its stunning picture and strong performance, you might forget about its rather weak plot and story.  The effects were beautifully impressive, each picture looked like something taken out of a book of tales, and my eyes were chanting by the gorgeous vision of every scene at every moment.

William (Damon) and Tovar (Pascal) plays two European mercenaries searching for black powder, but instead end up at the Great Wall of China, helping to defend against some grotesque creatures.

If you want a cinematic experience with monsters, great acting, and a wonderful sight, then I suggest you watch The Great Wall. 6/10

Bluray Extras/Bonus Features;
Deleted and extended scenes.
Matt Damon in China.
Working with Director Zhang Yimou.
Visual effects.
Man vs Monsters.
Weapons of war.
Designing a spectacular world.

Felt it brought a lot of sweet goods as bonus material, enough to keep you interested in the production, but not too much that it became dull and unwatchable.
The vision was just as lovely as I remembered, however, of course watching it in the living room didn’t bring that fantastic cinematic experience that watching it on a larger screen on IMAX – 3D did, but still insanely entertaining.
I did enjoy the sound much better now the second time by being in the comfort of my own home, at the theaters it was so loud that my seat and butt kept on vibrating, making me ill and also providing a nasty headache.

Massive thanks to Sony Home Entertainment Nordic, especially to the generous soul that is Jesper Nordgren for providing with these copies for me to review.