Smallfoot (Review)

Director; Karey Kirkpatrick
1h 36 minutes

Channing Tatum got some real pipes! Truly impressed by his singing talents, we know he could act, and we defiantly knew the man could dance, but sing? I mean, I’m not saying he should now focus on a music career and drop a solo album, but I wouldn’t mind hearing him in future in some animated characters delivering some tunes.

Smallfoot is a cute and charming semi-musical story in reverse, what if instead of the humans were the ones not believing in Bigfoot but Bigfoot not believing in the existence of humans?
It’s a beautiful movie for the entire family to enjoy and actually learn some from. It has a heartwarming message that the truth will not only set you free, but also to never let someone dominate your beliefs and thoughts. Don’t let someone else guide you, take a stand and create your own path, and walk alone if no one believes in you, doesn’t mean your wrong.

Migo gets banished from his community above the clouds because he comes with the news that he has actually seen a smallfoot aka human and that the stones are wrong, the writing that the everyone else believes in, he then embarks on a journey to prove them wrong. 6/10

Despicable Me 3 (Bluray review)

Directors; Kyle Balda. Pierre Coffin. Eric Guillon.
1h 30 minutes
Out on Bluray

It’s almost close to impossible to hold back a smile when one or all of the minions pop up, they shine like little diamonds in the darkened sky every time, delivering a laughter to the whole family. Sadly, they didn’t bring home the gold in the third Despicable Me film.

I can’t figure out if these movies are getting worse or if I’ve had enough of them. It wasn’t awful, but it is slowly fading into becoming a movie that will end up with dust on the shelves.
Maybe I’m not the greatest judge considering that this film is targeted for children, but deep into my twenty-five I can still appreciate a good animated story, my inner child hasn’t left the building, and probably never will.

After several years in the unknown, believing he was the only child, Gru finds out that he has a twin brother, after meeting him, not only are they the complete opposite, but his twin is dying to get into the family business that is being a villain, and he wants Gru’s help.

I found the plot rather dumb, dull, and going at a very slow pace, making it even more boring since it never seemed to come to an end. However, the very few scenes the minions have alone are almost worth watching the movie. Personally, I would continue on making movies with just the minions, and end Despicable Me with this one. 4/10

Deleted scenes.
Minion moments.
Making of Despicable Me 3.
Dru’s development.
Sing Along.
Music Video.

Bluray copy from UIP.