The Shadow (Review)

Author; Sylvain Reynard
Genre; Romance. Fantasy. Vampires.
The Florentine #2

Here we are again, back in the beautiful city that is Florence, lost in the world of Raven and the handsome vampire, William and all the other creatures from the underworld.
It’s dark, it’s sexy, it’s sensual, and it is romantic beyond the stars and the moon in the darkened sky.

William, eager to take it upon himself to give Raven justice, to harm everyone that’s ever hurt her and he finds himself trapped in a new world of human emotions, new desires, and love.

The Shadow, just like The Raven will crawl underneath you, grab a hold of your heart and clung to it like if it were life and light itself.
It will trigger something beautiful inside of you, to be lost in a world of passion, love, and revenge. It’s thrilling and deathly yet sexy, every word, every page, and every chapter will find a way to become a part of you, it will get sucked into your soul with its intense story, leaving you gasping for air, in awe of its finesse that is Reynard’s writing and story-telling.

You will get everything and a little more.
Sylvain Reynard continues to leave me completely speechless with these stories, feeding my soul and core with it’s beauty, depth, and art. 7.2/10