Chris D’Elia: Man on Fire (Review)

Director; Bill D’Elia
Writer; Chris D’Elia
Standup comedy
1h 5 minutes
Now streaming on Netflix.

Chris D’Elia oozes charm and charisma, whether it is on a tv show such as Whitney, where he literally outshined everyone, or on stage performing.
The voices, the expressions, the body language, everything blends together into one entertaining cocktail of pure humor.
He’ll have you smile, laugh, and agreeing with him on certain statements he has regarding marriage and children. Everything he said about people at the gym, birthday parties, he’s absolutley right!
The man is simply a pure delight to watch, especially now when the spotlight is on him alone during his second Netflix special.

Chris D’Elia: Man On Fire, definitely better than his first.
The man had me gasping for air as I cracked up laughing at what he was sharing with the audience and viewers, reminding me of Dane Cook and his days as a stand-up comedian due to his charm, personality, and being sort of raw. Loved it!

D’Elia owns the stage this time, he shines and will be the beam of light in a darkened room.
I look forward to seeing his future projects, especially more Netflix specials because he was born to deliver joy and be on stage.
What can I say? I found it hilarious, maybe it’s just my humor, but I enjoy dumb stuff, silliness, and he delivered exactly that! 8/10

I’d love to see him live, so hopefully a tour is in his agenda and he better add Sweden – Stockholm to the list.