First Man (Bluray review)

Director; Damien Chazelle
2h 21 minutes
Out on Bluray.
Copy provided by SONY HOME

Watching paint dry would have been a much more entertaining Saturday night than watching this long depressing dull drag of a movie.
A film that didn’t even capture my attention nor slightly kept me interested for one bit. Not a single moment went by without me praying for its end.

I haven’t been this bored during a movie in a long time, and hope not to go through it again anytime soon. First Man is an historic event yet I didn’t experience anything remotely near something as legendary as I would’ve hoped from such story, it quickly becomes dull and dry and nothing I’d ever watch twice nor personally recommend. Making a motion picture that is over 2 hours long is one thing but making it THAT boring is just cruel.

A look at Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon.

A sleeping pill at its finest. A film that you will do just fine not watching. 2/10

Deleted scenes.
Shooting at NASA.
Astronaut Training.
Recreating the Moon Landing.
+ more.