What the Health

What The Health, is a brilliant, sharp, eye-opening, and mind-blowing documentary about the truth behind animal products and dairy.
When will people realize that by consuming it you’re guiding your body through the path toward a slow death?
Research and studies show the damages this diet is causing the human health, diseases such as diabetes and cancer cards will be dealt if people don’t start changing their lifestyles and the way they eat.
Industries, government, pharmaceutical, and health organizations do not want you to get well, they don’t make anything by you being healthy and not needing them. A clean diet doesn’t mean organic MEAT OR CHICKEN.
95% of animal meat products contain fecal contamination and filled with infections, there’s NOTHING clean about it.
I’m getting sick of fitness/Insta models recommending it as part of a healthy lifestyle. STOP encouraging people to get ill by posting bs about chicken breast or meat. Open a book, watch a documentary, or go to a lecture rather than posting selfies at the gym!
You want your protein to come from plants because plant-based protein has a much more beneficial effect on our physiology.
Kip, and to everyone involved, thank you for delivering this, it was just as phenomenal as Cowspiracy! 10/10

Vegan love


Delivores (bought at Goodstores) Swedish Skagen mixture is life-changing. I decided to try it with oven baked potatoes, a typical Swedish dish, but you can add it on toast, or whatever your heart pleases.

Stick some holes in the potatoes/s to avoid chances of it exploding, wrap it up in foil, and shove it in the oven for around 1h, in 225 degrees. Once it’s done, fill it with the mixture, and decorate it with lemon slices and dill! ;)

Vegan Thai

I started by boiling the veggies with a vegetable broth for around 10 minutes, just so to soften up the carrots and broccoli a touch. Then fried them in coconut fat, added the coconot milk, salt & peppar after taste and a little bit of curry. Now, so the red curry won’t burn the living shit out of me, I tend to take a little tea spoon with it and mix it with water, once it’s liquid stir it in together with the coconut milk and veggies.