Avengers: Endgame (press screening review)

Director;Anthony Russo & Joe Russo
3h 1 minutes
Swedish premiere; April 24th

A masterpiece, flawless like an uncut ice, trimmed to pure perfection with the finest of movie-making talents. The plot, the vision, the storyline, the writing, the acting, the sound, every inch and part and bit was brilliantly made from beginning to end.
Everything you crave, need and want from a hero movie you will get and so much more. Every vein inside of you will chant, your soul will climax, and your heart will make it through a hell of an emotional roller coaster throughout this film.

The Russo brothers delivered this years cinematic experience that is a must see by every single soul walking the face of this Earth. Not a single moment goes to waste and every second was used successfully into creating a movie that will be enjoyed and praised by many. What you’ve been waiting for – you will get and you will love every piece flashing on that big screen in front of you.

The universe was left in ruins after Avengers: Infinity War, one snap and many of our beloved characters gracefully faded away into thin air, now, the remaining Avengers must collide their forces and undo Thanos action and restore what was ruined.

You will be left in awe due to the fantastic visual effects, gasp to the thrilling action that almost lifts you up out of your seat and ears will want to pray to the lord for cover because of the sound. From chock to laughter, to tears, you’ll might even need therapy afterward.
A Marvel creation made to impress even the most cynical. 10/10