Wonder Woman (Bluray review)

Director; Petty Jenkins
2h 21 minutes
Out on Bluray.

No masterpiece or extraordinary motion picture experience, a mediocre script that never seemed to come to an end, dragged out, and a complete mess with no heart and soul into the story of a ”historic” warrior and character.

Following the journey of an Amazonian warrior, one who’s in training since the early years, grows up into slowly discovering her powers and destiny by leaving her home, only to team up with a pilot/spy to fight a war she’s certain is created and caused by a God from a story her mother told her about.

You know those movies that you sit down patiently to begin, thinking it will take you on a ride of stunning visions, capturing stories, and become smitten by faces and personalities? This wasn’t it.
Though the comics, especially Wonder Woman, has never been an interest of mine, I have still managed to enjoy previous movies of other ”superheroes”, I’ve appreciated the views, the plot, the performances and everything it has delivered, but here? I felt almost forced to watch it for the sole purpose that I could post this review and write down my thoughts, praying for it to come to an end.

It wasn’t awful, but not something I’d recommend. 5/5

Epilogue: Etta’s mission
Explore the filmmaking journey to create an adventure worthy of DC’s greatest warrior
Join director as she takes you through Wonder Woman’s most pivotal and exciting moments
Extended scenes
Blooper reel