The Arrangement (Review)

Creator; Jonathan Abrahams
Tv-series 2017
Season 1

The Arrangement is supposedly loosely based of TomKay (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) story.
For those who has no clue, Tom Cruise is part of the Scientology church, and it was rumored that in 2005 Cruise approached several young Hollywood actresses with an offer of a five-year marriage contract in look out for his new girlfriend and future wife.
The chosen actress not only got a bonus if giving him a child but would also have her own career boost. Now, I don’t know how much of this is actually true, but there must be some sincerity involved considering now there’s a whole tv-show lightly based on the story, either way, it’s quite entertaining.

Waitress/TV actress Megan Morrison is invited to audition for a role in Kyle West’s upcoming movie, and after one short encounter with the handsome Hollywood actor played by Josh Henderson, sparks fly, and she’s offered a $10 million marriage contract.

It’s an entertaining cocktail of love, lies, and twists. It starts off rather gentle, easing you into the story, the characters, and the dark side of Hollywood. Then, slowly by episode 5, you’ll be sitting on the edge wondering what will happen next. You think it’s going to be one way, predictable, dull, and completely obvious but it turns out to be the complete opposite.
Some scenes had me thinking, ”oh, he’s so not going to that,” and he ended up doing it, leaving me in utter shock and questioning his character.
Then as it evolves, we start peeling off layers of Megan’s (Christine Evangelista) persona and there are some secrets buried deep underneath there as well. The season finale left me gasping for air, yearning for more with its insane cliffhanger.
I want to know exactly what happens behind the closed doors at the Higher Mind Institute, how much of it all does Kyle know? Did Megan fake it all just to get out of there? And, will Shaun help her?

By the beginning it’s soft and some moments even unrealistic and somewhat lame, but don’t judge it too quickly, and you’ll have a new addiction before you know it.
+ Great ensemble and performances, especially by Josh Henderson.
I am thrilled at seeing him explore his full potential in these types of roles.
I feel like I’ve only seen him in bits and pieces like Step Up and Desperate Housewives, or maybe I’m just behind and have missed some of his recent works.
Here, Henderson brings a certain essence to his character that I doubt any other actor would’ve played it so well, his eyes radiate some sort of sadness when he knows he’s done something wrong that you can truly feel him actually regretting his mistakes, he makes it feel so real, and you forget about him just playing a role.
There’s an unlocked pain inside of him that we get to see glimpses of; making me extremely interested to know more about his past and dig deeper into his relationship with Terence.
A really talented actor, cannot wait to see more of him and how this show develops. Kudos to the entire cast and crew. 6.3/10