The powers of crystals

Rose Quartz; Known as the stone of the heart with its beautiful gentle pink essence, this is the crystal of unconditional love.
It speaks directly to the Heart Chakra, it carries a beautiful energy of peace, compassion, and divine loving. It helps dissolves emotional ache, keeps the fear at bay, and provides a harmonic aura all around you. Used as a love token as early as 600 B.C, it’s a stone that many should invite to their homes.
Remember that whenever you buy a new crystal, make sure to wash it, place it somewhere where the sun may shine on it so it absorbs all the light and all that is good and before placing it somewhere, hold it between your hands a short moment and let it take in all of your energy. By laying around in the store before buying it, you may not know how many people have picked it up and given it their energy.

Amethyst; With its beauty and powers that soothe the mind and emotions, the ”Gem of Fire” aka Amethyst, just as worthy and precious as the diamond, this divine stone carries the energy of passion, love, creativity, and spirituality. Recognized as the February stone, this crystal is said to help with sobriety, help with evil thoughts, increase intelligence, and provides calmness and balance.

Quartz/Rock Crystal; Power, energy, clarity, are the main keywords regarding this little gem that is one of the most common stones on the planet, called the Universal Crystal, it enhances energy by storing, balancing, and focusing on everything around it. It is extremely beneficial for manifesting, as thoughts and dreams are a form of energy as well. Due to its incredible balance, it’s perfect for a harmonizing environment.

Himalaya salt stone LAMP; With its purifying powers that cleanse the air for a more healthy environment for yourself and your family, the lamp removes dust, pollen, and other contaminants from the air through the power of hygroscopy.
By attracting water molecules, it absorbs those negative molecules that shouldn’t be there. As it removes microscopic particles from the air, it’s a perfect item for those with allergy and asthma as it creates a more clean air for you to breathe.
Though that should be more than enough to get one, it does much more. It increases energy levels all around you, keep one close or in the room where you spend the most time and after a while, you’ll notice some small differences.
With today’s technology, social media, and gadgets that are becoming more difficult than ever to be without, we tend to keep them near us most hours of the day, and though we shouldn’t, we might even be addicted, thankfully we can make those radiant waves a little bit more friendly by keeping this lamp close by since it neutralizes electromagnetic radiation. And best of all, it provides with a much better sleep.

Black tourmaline; With its raven color and darkened beauty, the Ancient magicians deeply relied upon the Black Tourmaline. It was said that the stone would protect them from demons and other evil spirits from the other side. It creates a shield against bad energy, entities, destructive forces. Besides protecting your household, it also helps in purifying your own negative thoughts.