The Secret Life of Pets 2 (Review)

Directors; Chris Renaud & Jonathan del Val
1h 26 minutes
From June 2019

Following the previous journey that came out in 2016, we get to once again bark on a roller coaster of meanings, fun, and heart – especially being a pet owner myself. So many scenes had me smiling from ear to ear, glancing over at my two pups and then bursting out in laughter, truly hoping they’re like that when I’m gone. It’d be something.

The Secret Life Of Pets 2 was an amazing sequel for everyone to enjoy no matter how old you are, it’s entertaining, laughable, and cute – everything wrapped into a fantastic animation flick truly worthy of your time.
Just like the first one, it is about the pets, and what they are up to when their owner leaves them to go to work.

Great voice over actors, beautiful colors and visuals with a well written script and story. 5/10