Ugly Love


It all started by me seeing pictures of Nick Bateman with quotes from the book on Instagram, comments mentioning how perfect he’d be as Miles Archer, how good the book was, how many cried during it, laughed and simply how beautiful it was, so my curiosity was peaked.
I searched for it at a Swedish online book-store to see if they had it, and they had the English version which was completely fine by me since I’m not a big fan of reading in Swedish. I feel like somewhere along the translation it loses its depth and beauty, I don’t know.
I ordered it and two days later I finally had a copy of Ugly Love in my hands.
I wasted no time in diving right into it, got my cup of tea and snuggled up on my couch, ready to discover who Miles Archer was.

The writing was simply splendid from beginning to end, though it starts off with the first chapter from her point of view and then the second chapter goes back six years and it’s told from his perspective, it still manages to keep a red thread through the entire storytelling. It jumps from the present to the past through each chapter yet it’s so perfectly blended together. It’s well created, the language is beautiful, the scenery well built and just enough details. Some tends to add too much, where a whole chapter goes into just a simple scene and some has not enough that you end up wondering how on earth the character looks like…?

It has a strong and powerful message, I won’t spoil it, but I enjoyed that this story was more based on love rather then sex. There’s emotions such as pain, joy and it’s fun. I laughed and truly enjoyed it. An amazing standalone that I would strongly recommend. 8.6/10 It’s addictive and impossible to put away, it’s sexy enough to be entertaining but not that it becomes too erotic. It wraps it up amazingly well by the end, and is an all around great read.
I will now look into more books from the great author that is Colleen Hoover, I definitely became a fan of hers after Ugly Love!

After reading it, I completely understand why the fans practically demanded for Nick Bateman, I think he’ll shine as Miles Archer, I haven’t seen him act but I’m sure he’ll nail it! I just hope he’ll wear blue contacts!

Xo, Beauty