Vegan. Organic. Protein rich. Popsicles

Made some super easy and tasty colorful popsicles that are completely vegan and filled with protein.

Red; Organic strawberries & raspberries with a small scoop of pea protein (vanilla flavored)

Yellow; Organic mango cubes, banana, and a dash of Oatly’s mango and orange drink (milk replacement)
– I added some extra banana extract to sweeten the flavor & small scoop of pea protein.

Green; Organic Kiwi and mango cubes. + small scoop of pea protein.

Dark blue; Mango cubes, banana, and pineapple extract. I couldn’t find fresh organic blueberries at my local store so I had to improvise and use food coloring instead, but thanks to the yellow mango it didn’t become the blue that I wanted. I’ll get it next time. + small scoop of pea protein.

Example; Mix the strawberries, raspberries, and protein in a blender until smooth and then fill up the popsicle molders. Continue the same process with the others. (Make sure to wash the blender after every use, you don’t want red or blue leftovers when doing the yellow one.)