Venom (bluray review)

Director: Ruben Fleischer
1h 52 minutes
Out on bluray
Copy provided by Sony Home

Let us start off with the fact that I haven’t read the comics, however, do most often enjoyed the motion pictures based on them.
Venom took me by surprise, mainly because I had no expectations, it was one of the heroes I had missed and never heard of, yet, it was a movie that I felt had to be seen when coming out.

It turned out being one of the films that I truly enjoyed of 2018, it had a gentle mix of everything and it never got too much nor too dull, it was kept at a good pace with a well-written script, the dialogue was there, the visuals, and act and story was enough to keep you both entertained and intrigued.

Brady as Venom/Eddie Brock was brilliant, he brought a slight essence of humor and action to his character, making it a very likable one even though he’s supposed to be an ”anti-hero”, it became a lovable one despite the horrid look.

A reporter becomes bonded with an alien entity who slowly takes a liking to not only Eddie himself, but to earth as well, and together they decide to save the planet from the aliens who are determined to take over.

A fantastic ride, both action packed and fun. 7/10

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