War for the Planet of the Apes (Press-screening review)

Director; Matt Reeves
2h 20 minutes
Swedish Premiere; July 12th

Attended the screening of War for the Planet of the Apes yesterday, and been overloaded with work so couldn’t write and post the review until now, my apologies.

Just like the previous films, they continue to entertain and amaze me with its beautiful CGI, landscapes in which this time was more like winter-wonderland, and its pain and humor mildly mixed together to make you feel and go through an emotional roller coaster throughout the movie.
You will share some laughter, some sorrow, and enjoy its great action and beautiful script.

This time, we get to follow Caesar on a quest for revenge while he struggles with his inner darkness.

What tends to leave me in awe after these films, are the beauty and depth that the production gets into to create the amazing face expression of the apes, the body language, facial features, look in their eyes, and movement of their mouth/lips.
It’s fascinating, and that alone has you hooked on the vision, then it delivers a rather deep story, making it a great cinematic experience for the audience to enjoy.

I found it rather long, two hours and twenty minutes were too much for me, toward the end you kind of get impatient, and you start losing focus, besides that, it’s a beautiful and fantastic visual experience. 7.9/10