What men want (Review)

Director; Adam Shankman
1h 57 minutes
From; February 8th

If you think you are gonna get the charming, charismatic, entertaining film from 2000 featuring Mel Gibson yet from a females point of view – you are in for a disappointment.
I truly enjoyed What women want, and miss those types of scripts and films, so I was beyond thrilled when seeing the trailer to What men want, figured it’d be equally fun and cute, but I just ended up wasting 2 hours of my life, and wondering why movies like these are still being created.

The basis is the same, the ability to hear thoughts. But instead of a man being able to get inside the head of a woman, here, a woman gets inside the head of a man.
Ali Davis (Henson) works at a male-dominated environment and one day during a frustration, trying to understand men, she has a tarot reading, hits her head afterward and suddenly starts hearing what all the men want, what first seems like a nightmare she slowly sees as a blessing and to her advantage.

The script was poorly written, dull, and zero humor which overshadows Taraji P. Henson phenomenal talent as an actress, she’s always fantastic, I mean, Cookie Lyon must be one of the greatest character ever created and written and she nails it perfectly with both finesse and brilliance, but here she shines away due to the bad film. 3/10 And that is only because of her work, besides that, don’t waste your time,