We tend to think that when we desire something in particular, it’s simply a craving but actually it’s our body telling us its in need of a certain mineral. Depending on what your cravings are, depending on what your body is missing. Here’s a list with the top ten desires we tend to crave and symptoms to look after; both physically and mentally. If you’re in need of any of these minerals, look them up in your Health-store and start taking supplement for it, trust me, it is life changing! My biggest craving had always been carbohydrates and chips/salty snacks , I could devouver a family size bag during a day or even during a two hour movie, thinking that I desperately needed it, because my cravings turned me into the Hulk 2.0, after doing some research and reading, turns out that my craving wasn’t chips, it was my body telling me that it was lacking of Sodium salts of orthophosphoric. I bought the supplement and ever since have I felt better than ever. I don’t have massive cravings, I’m not angry or have any aggression towards anyone for no reason and I’m mentally more calm and just in a better place all-together. I strongly recomend for you to take the time to see if you/your body is in a need of a mineral, or severals.

Desire; Nicotine & alcohol.
Body; Acne, Chronic conditions, Wounds, Blood & Inflammations.
Mind; Abuse, Adiccted, Disappointment, Illusions & Self-destructive.
Lack of; Calcium sulfate.
Desire; 0
Body; Bones, Teeth, Tooth enamel, Stiffness, Scar, Osteoarthritis, Stretch marks, Bruises, Warts, Cellulite, Wrinkles, Varicose veins, Calluses, Connective tissue, Blood vessels and Osteoporosis
Mind; Inflexible, Anxiety, Hardness against oneself, Dislike of change & Dullness.
Lack of; Calcium fluorine.
Desire; Spicy food, Unusual flavors.
Body; Nerves, Nervous disorders, Heart disorders, Nutrition, Anemia, Cough, Nails, Dandruff, Fractures & Sleep disorder.
Mind; Bridge between body and soul.
Lack of; Calcium glycerol phosphate.
Desire; Bitter, Nicotine and Fresh air
Body; Skin, Mucosa, Liver spots, Brown spots, Itching, Fatigue, Heart palpitations and Yellowish skin
Mind; Grief, Trauma, Aggression, Anger, Sadness, Sluggish and Clings to the old.
Lack of; Calcium gluconate.
Desire; Milk, Sour
Body; Freckles, Warts, Eczema, Lymph.
Mind; Sensible, Extremely sensitive, Hypochondria
Lack of; Calcium chloride.
Desire; Nuts, Hunger.
Body; Twitching, Paralysis, Severe debilitating diseases and Muscle atrophy.
Mind; Depression, Fatigue, Memory problems, Overloaded.
Lack of; Calcium salts of orthophosphoric.
Desire; Chocolate & Longing for a cold soda.
Body; Cramps, Migraine, Pain, Hiccups, Nerves, Stress, Blood pressure, pH balance, Itching and Sleep disturbance.
Mind; Life fear, Panic attacks, Mood swings & Anxiety.
Lack of; Mangnesium salts from orthophosphoric.
Desire; Bitter like grapefruit, Campari.
Body; Losing hair, Liver problems, Bile, Edema inconvenience after food.
Mind; Perfectionism, Over-ambitious, The control needs.
Lack of; Sodium gluconate.
Desire; Salt, Thirtsy.
Body; Herpes, Heart, Kidneys, Sweating, Watery mucus, Exhaust, Fluid balance.
Mind; Sadness, Nightmares, Illusions.
Lack of; Sodium chloride.
Desire; Sweets & Carbohydrates.
Body; Kidneys, Sweating, Leg ulcers, Pain after food, Unable to sleep due to bad indigestion.
Mind; Aggression.
Lack of; Sodium salts of orthophosphoric.


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