Locked Down

Director; Doug Liman
1h 58 minutes
Streaming on HBO

A movie involving Covid-19 was bound to happen sooner or later, a quite big experiance that we’ve been through, and it was only a matter of time before writers would start creating stories and scripts regarding it – a way to work and stay active during our ”new normal”.

Locked down, played out in England with a couple who is going through a separation at the worst possible time, when London goes through a locked down, and due to some surprising opportunities gets to collaborate once again together – pulling a heist at a department store.

Though it was categorized under ”comedy” I might’ve laughed once, well, it was more of a slight smile at a comment or expression, but never a full on laugh. I found it slow, dull, and too long considering that nothing happens until the very end of the film.
It was innovative, a great idea, but it lacked the comedy aspect of a life in quarantine such as when you start walking on each others nerves perhaps, the mental breakdowns of being trapped inside the same four walls, I don’t know, I felt it was missing something, but considering there hasn’t come out a new movie in what feels like ages, it was quite okay. 5/10