Rules of Engagement (Review)

Creator; Tom Hertz
22 minutes
7 Seasons
From 2007

Hands down my absolute favorite sitcom! I have watched this several times over and over, every episode of every season, and I crack up every single time – just like the tv-show FRIENDS, it never fails to bring a smile on my face.
A series that is pure entertainment from beginning to end with a fantastic cast that will enter your heart and camp there for seven amazing seasons – and then, missing them like crazy once it comes to an end.

Patrick Warburton is hilarious, ”Jeff Bingham” must be one of the greatest characters ever created in a sitcom.
A wonderful role with brilliant lines that is a cocktail of sarcasm, dark humor, and ”dad jokes” with a monotone voice, never knowing when he’s being serious, excited, or even feeling low – a man I believe many in a marriage can relate to.
My second favorite is Adam played by none other than Kate Hudson’s brother, Oliver Hudson. A handsome yet charmingly dumb young guy that cracks me up with his innocence.

The show revolves around seven friends, all in different stages in life.
You got the older couple who has been married for years, the ”mentors”, the younger couple who just got engaged, the single (David Spade) rich one who never commits and his assistant, also a young single guy – all hanging out together navigating life in a fun way, bringing different issues and topics as they go along.

With smart one-liners, relatable moments no matter in what stage in life you are whether you are single, in a relationship, or married. The show shines throughout, a solid comedy worth your time! 8/10

Instead of pictures, I found a clip with some of Jeff best moments.
The first season with the cake had me laughing so hard, the ”No señor” made my life!

Good boys (review)

Director; Good Boys
1h 30 minutes
From 2019

The Goonies, Stranger Things, and It. – These movies and many others have through the years created this charismatic and charming setting revolving a group of kids, feeding off each other and their endlessly energy-hype that normally only little boys can radiate.

Good Boys was entertaining, yet, somehow it wasn’t as brilliant as the movies I mentioned above. It was rather dull at times, the script seemed forced almost like a desperate attempt to come off as fun and it failed.
It’s dumb, it is 90 minutes of pure stupidity as it goes along and nothing more, it is not a movie that should be taken seriously – because having little kids dropping the F-word, playing with adult toys, or talking about sex isn’t comedy. But you will get a few smiles in, not a full-on laugh out loud moments unless you are equally dumb, but it’s worth a watch. 4/10

The Neighborhood (Review)

Creator; Jim Reynolds
30 minutes
Season 1

The Neighborhood is a sit-com that is somewhat half-charming and semi-enjoyable but nothing else. It’s your typical comedy show with the laughters in the background and all-ages-friendly punchlines. However, you got great talent and potential and it’s all lost and wasted here. The plot is somewhat close to racist, a script about mocking white people and their stereotypes.

A friendly and social family moves into a tougher community in L.A and tries their outmost to fit in.

It’s lighthearted, stale, and lacks originality. It’s not even close to good nor entertaining.
Highly doubt it’ll last long or get renewed, could barely watch the entire episode.
You’ll get a smile in with luck but not a full on laugh out loud moment. I wouldn’t recommend this. 2/10

Young and hungry (Review)

Creator; David Holden
22 minutes
On season 5

The writer behind The War At Home starting Michael Rapaport from 2005 deliveries a fresh, cute, and highly entertaining rom-com between a beautiful chef and a handsome tech guy, living in the charming city of San Fransisco.

I discovered this fun show when in New York, at night once I returned to my hotel room I was driving myself insane not knowing what I was in the mood for, and as most of you may know, in the USA they got a whole different and larger range of tv-shows and movies on Netflix (strongly considering of sending a mail to Netflix in Sweden, making sure they start adding the same titles here as well),
Throughout my endless searching, I found Young and Hungry, and thought why not? I then realized I wanted something light, not anything that I had to put all my focus and energy on, just something to keep in the background until I fell asleep, but that failed once I became addicted to it and had to binge watch all of the episodes.

Young and Hungry revolves around Gabi, a hungry for fun gal with spunk, and her roommate Sophia.
One day Gabby gets the gig of becoming Josh’s personal chef, a handsome, young, rich, and famous tech guy and it becomes a ride of laughter, drama, and delicious dishes. A show for everyone to enjoy during dull and cloudy days. 7/10

I feel pretty (Blu-ray review)

Director; Abby Kohn & Marc Silverstein
1h 50 minutes
Out on Bluray
Copy provided by UIP

I Feel Pretty is a romantic comedy that goes flat every now and then, a somewhat remake of the 2001 film with Jack Black and Gwyneth Paltrow, Shallow Hal. A story about seeing someone with a whole new perspective, in this case, yourself. Renee played by comedian Amy Schumer, an ordinary girl with a semi-confidence personality has a minor accident and starts seeing herself differently, the gorgeous woman she always dreamt of looking like with a brand new attitude.

I feel pretty is an OK feel-good movie with a touch of everything from humor, romance, friendship and learning to love yourself as you are. Though a rather dull script and not anywhere near being anything one hasn’t seen or heard before, it’s not a complete waste of your time, the movie isn’t great but you’ll get a few laughs and a smile throughout and the acting itself ain’t all that shabby. 4/10

Bluray extras;
Being Pretty – Featurette
Deleted scenes
Gag reels

Deadpool 2 (Press screening review)

Director; David Leitch
Swedish Premiere; May 16th
Press screening provided by 20th Century Fox Movies.

Ryan Reynolds is finally back in the highly anticipated sequel to what could be one of Marvel’s greatest yet most idiotic superhero, Deadpool. David Leitch, delivers an action-packed cinematic experience, however, with a very oh so gentle script that needed a much more stronger dialogue, one that ended up being slightly light and very kid-friendly.

The sequel rarely, if ever, lives up to the first one and that was proven here. It ended up being Disney and soft compared to the first one, and that was a disappointment. The script was kind of weak in the sense of conversations and Deadpool’s lines, it tried so hard to come off as hilarious and raw but it ended up being close to desperate.

Here, we get to follow Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool, gather a team of mutants to save a young boy from supernatural powers that even himself cannot handle. Together, they all join forces and it all becomes a roller coaster of fast cars, explosions, and fun.

Ryan Reynolds is phenomenal and shines like a diamond in the darkened sky as Deadpool, and delivered another fantastic performance, and thankfully it wasn’t overshadowed by the somewhat weak script that was missing more of the raw vulgarity humor that the first one had.

The action is there, the visual just as beautiful, but it still didn’t satisfy my burning yearning for everything that is Deadpool. 6.5/10

Daddy’s Home 2 (Press-screening review)

Director; Sean Anders
1h 40 minutes
Swedish premiere; November 24th

Sean Anders is my type of director when it comes to comedy, I loved Horrible Bosses 2, We’re The Millers, and of course, the first Daddy’s Home. This time, we hop-on an insane roller coaster of family drama that includes step-kids, step-dads, and new wifes and of course, welcoming the grandpas.

Mel Gibson became a warm welcoming into the cast, adding him and his character was a joy to watch, and only made the movie better. Truly enjoyed it from beginning to end, from the story to delivering that warm fuzzy feeling making you look forward to celebrating Christmas, wearing lame X-mas sweaters, fireplaces, and listening X-mas music.

In the sequal we once again meet Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, this time getting along by co-parenting the kids, though everything seems to float smoothly and better than it has ever been, their fathers join in to celebrate the Holidays with them and turns everything upside down.

It’s entertaining and soulful with a lot of heart, sweet moments that will warm you and have you leave the theater with that good-feeling that we often crave after these types of family films.

Jane The Virgin (Review)

Creator; Jennie Snyder Urman
From 2014

Sorry for the lack of updates/movie reviews, been having an affair, cheating on movies with Tv-shows.
Started watching Jane The Virgin, got hooked, and so I started binge-watching the episodes that have been released. I am sorry, but reviews will be up shortly. Upcoming ones are;
Smurfs: The Lost Village
– not in that particular order per say, but they will be up as soon as possible. Also, on the 23rd am I attending the screening to American Made, so that review will pop up here as well.

As mentioned, I started watching Jane The Virgin, and honestly, I had zero expectations. I had caught some episodes here and there on tv when zapping through during a dull day, but since I never followed it from the very beginning, I didn’t become interested or felt the slight of desire to look it up, I just kept it in the background and left it at that.

Now, years later since the premiere, I decided to give it a try and I am thrilled that I have because I am smitten by the characters, script, and fantastic plot.
The writers have successfully hidden few grenades here and there that goes nuclear and explodes throughout the story, keeping you on the edge, gasping for air by the end of every episode with its great suspense and brilliant cliffhangers.

Jane The Virgin, the title alone says a lot, but there’s so much more to it. Jane, a Catholic woman who gave a promise to not only God but her grandmother that she would wait until marriage to have sexual relationships, discovers that she was accidentally artificially inseminated with the sperm from her boss that she had a crush on several years back.

The characters are lovable from the get go, there are ones you want to hate due to their actions, yet you cannot find it in you to despise them.
Also, you become completely smitten by the main star that is Jane played by the immense talent and beauty, Gina Rodriguez. Another blast is the actor who plays Jane’s father, he literally beside shining through every moment he’s on camera, has the best lines and plays the role so perfectly that I doubt any other actor would’ve pulled it off as great as he does. I’ve had to pause several times because I was laughing so hard to whatever he has said, done, or expression he’s delivered – a true joy.

A wonderful show that I strongly recommend, haven’t had this fun watching one in a long time, truly have enjoyed it and cannot wait to see where it’ll take me. 7/10

Chris D’Elia: Man on Fire (Review)

Director; Bill D’Elia
Writer; Chris D’Elia
Standup comedy
1h 5 minutes
Now streaming on Netflix.

Chris D’Elia oozes charm and charisma, whether it is on a tv show such as Whitney, where he literally outshined everyone, or on stage performing.
The voices, the expressions, the body language, everything blends together into one entertaining cocktail of pure humor.
He’ll have you smile, laugh, and agreeing with him on certain statements he has regarding marriage and children. Everything he said about people at the gym, birthday parties, he’s absolutley right!
The man is simply a pure delight to watch, especially now when the spotlight is on him alone during his second Netflix special.

Chris D’Elia: Man On Fire, definitely better than his first.
The man had me gasping for air as I cracked up laughing at what he was sharing with the audience and viewers, reminding me of Dane Cook and his days as a stand-up comedian due to his charm, personality, and being sort of raw. Loved it!

D’Elia owns the stage this time, he shines and will be the beam of light in a darkened room.
I look forward to seeing his future projects, especially more Netflix specials because he was born to deliver joy and be on stage.
What can I say? I found it hilarious, maybe it’s just my humor, but I enjoy dumb stuff, silliness, and he delivered exactly that! 8/10

I’d love to see him live, so hopefully a tour is in his agenda and he better add Sweden – Stockholm to the list.

The Odd Couple (Review)

Creator/s; Danny Jacobson, Joe Keenan & Matthew Perry
21 minutes – Comedy
3 seasons

Based on the tv-show with the same name from 1970’s written by Neil Simon and created by Garry Marshall, Perry and Lennon brings one of the classics back to life in the new CBS tv show, not only a modern version for newer generations but also something warm and funny with a lot of heart for everyone to enjoy.

Oscar Madison, played by the always charmingly great Matthew Perry, a sports journalist who opens the doors to his home to his college friend Felix Unger (Thomas Lennon) after being kicked out of his place by his wife. Two completely polar opposite personalities have to now share an apartment together, though their lifestyles are as different as black and white.

These two actors go way back, remember Joey’s hand twin in one of the episodes of FRIENDS? Well, that twin was played by Thomas Lennon. They later worked together in the comedy 17 Again and that friendship and chemistry radiates through each episode and scene today.
I cannot think of a better duo to play these characters better than these two, and I’ve fallen in love with their relationship and journey through each season.
I also find myself being able to relate to both characters, mostly Felix since I spend most my time during my days off cleaning, I can’t sleep if my kitchen is a mess, my closet is 99% of the time organized unless I’m traveling and I tend to leave a slight mess when packing.
I constantly think of hygiene, my health, and I love taking pictures. But I also have Oscar days, when I’m leaning toward the lazy side, don’t feel like picking something up, being a little grumpy, and as I am writing this am I working in my underwear. So it’s a little bit of both worlds and I love it. So in one way or another, everyone can relate to them and the show, making it a whole lot more entertaining to watch because you sometimes see yourself in it.

Thomas Lennon’s acting is phenomenal, and there isn’t a single scene with him in it that is dull. Everything from his mannerism, face expression, body language to when he speaks is brilliant and a joy to watch every single time.
He’s a little bit like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, you don’t want to like him but end up loving him to the core instead. I’ve grown so fondly of the show that I truly pray it’ll continue to several more seasons, filling my home with laughter caused by these two together.

Matthew Perry has never failed on bringing a smile to my face, from FRIENDS to The whole nine and ten yards, Fools rush in, 17 Again, and so many others. It always feels like his real persona burst through each one of his characters that he plays in some way. He seems genuine like an amazing person, and you dying to be part of his circle.

Another actor in the show who is a blast to watch, and who I personally think should have more scenes is ”Murph”, played by Geoff Stults. His character is hilarious, and I adore his over-the-top confident yet charming-slightly dumb personality. You can’t hate him. And I enjoy seeing Wendell Pierce in a more light-hearted character than the one he plays in Suits (another favorite show)

They’ve gathered a delightful ensemble of great people, compared to the original that mostly revolved around ”Oscar” and ”Felix. Personally, I feel there’s more soul in this newer version, and they have modernized it beautifully as well.

In overall, The Odd Couple is a soul-warming show that gives you that delightful fuzzy feeling spreading through your system. It’s light, it’s funny, and it will end up entering your heart whether you want it or not. Don’t fight it, and you’ll have a great show to fill your days off with. 5,5/10 

Kudos to the entire cast and crew, and keep on delivering these amazing episodes. Plus, I’ll probably never get enough of Lennon’s adorable persona, and Perry’s almost Caribbean colored eyes!
& shout out to Dave Foley, who we should see more of.