The war at home (Review)

Creator; Rob Lotterstein
30 minutes
From 2005

So I decided to revisit some old sitcoms due to not being able to find anything new lately that seemed to capture my interest. So, I went back a few years, to 2005 to be exact and watched The War At Home, a show created and produced by Rob Lotterstein, also known as the producer behind Younger and writer on few episodes of Will And Grace.
The war at home was a household favorite, and I was saddened that they only got to season two before canceling it – a show with sarcasm and comedy, just right up my alley.

Dave Gold (Michael Rapaport) and Vicky Gold (Anita Barone) struggle with raising their three teenagers. A show that brings up different topics through each episode and how to face them as a family.

A fun sitcom worth your time, plus it’s not that long due to only being two seasons, something you can binge in less than a week. Take it with a pinch of salt, there’s a lot of offensive lines, dark humor, and tons of sarcasm – an entertaining show that you’ll either love or hate. 6/10